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The silver fibers kill bacteria, including acne-causing bacteria that can wreak havoc on your skin.


Holiday Towel Gift Ideas

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Ready or not, the holidays are right around the corner. People are looking for last-minute, unique gift ideas so that they can cross everyone off their shopping lists. Here’s an idea you probably haven’t heard before: gift everyone on your list new towels! 

The Best Bath Towel Gift Ideas

Towels are a fantastic gift idea because many people don’t even realize they need new ones, especially around the holidays when people are hosting extra houseguests. Plus, most people use traditional cotton towels, which are a breeding ground for bacteria. We get it: at first glance, you might not think they are the most fun or exciting gift, but we are here to prove you wrong.

Towels are an incredibly practical gift, and people on your list can use them for years to come. Plus, if anyone you love is concerned about their health and wants to avoid spreading bacteria, these towels will be a gamechanger for them. Read on for our best bath towel gift ideas that are sure to cover everyone on your list.

For The Makeup And Skincare Lover

For anyone concerned with their skin, we recommend the Miracle washcloth set. These gentle washcloths help to effectively remove makeup. And for those who suffer from acne, these are a must-have. The silver fibers kill bacteria, including acne-causing bacteria that can wreak havoc on your skin. 

If you want to amp up this gift to the next level, get them some spa themed goodies, as well. We’re talking lotions, bath bombs, and scrubs so that they can continue to fuel their skincare obsession. 

For The Bath Lover

The Miracle towel is so fluffy and soft that it’s the only thing you’ll want to wrap yourself in after a hot bath. The towel is sold individually or in packs of two. 

If you want to make it a complete set, consider adding the ultimate relaxation bath scents and the miracle candle. The scents will help to take your bath to the next level while lighting the candle can help promote relaxation. You can even get them a cozy bathrobe for the ultimate comfort and relaxation after stepping out of the tub. 

For The College Student

Living in a dorm can be downright dirty at times. Shared bathrooms mean germs and lots of them. The Miracle towel set comes with all the towels your student will need while helping to keep them germ-free with their anti-bacterial silver fibers. 

You can also include some basic bathroom necessities for your favorite scholar, like handsoaps and air fresheners, because who knows what the bathroom situation at school is like? 

For The New Homeowner

Know someone who just purchased their first home or moved into their first apartment? Get them the Miracle home bundle. This comes with all the towels they’ll need to stock their bathroom, as well as the perfect pair of super-luxe sheets. Who wouldn’t want classy matching sheets and towels? 

What Are The Benefits Of Having Silver Fibers In Towels?

Not only does Miracle Brand give the gift of soft, fluffy towels, they also give the gift of good health and germ-fighting power! Did you know standard towels of every kind can be germ-infested? Even after just once use, your towel can collect tons of bacteria! 

The main reason for this is because you create a moist environment once you use a towel. It then stays wet for hours before eventually drying. During this time, bacteria can grow rapidly on your towel. Your skin’s natural bacteria and any other germs you may have can transfer onto the towel while you use it. 

But think about what else you do in the bathroom (well, you go to the bathroom). When you flush a toilet, bacteria can fly out and potentially get on your towel if it’s in close range. Or, bacteria from the handle on your toilet can transfer to your hands, which then transfers to your towels. 

Either way, it’s not good! And, we hate to break it to you, but many people don’t wash their hands properly and thoroughly, which means bacteria can still transfer to the towel even after using soap.

With standard cotton towels, you should be washing your towels after every two uses. That’s where Miracle Brand’s silver fibers come in to help.

We help to make sure you can wash your towels 3x less than traditional towels. Silver is a known anti-bacterial and anti-microbial agent, and our silver fibers prevent 99.9% of bacteria growth through a process called ionization. 

Silver ions have a positive charge that connects to bacteria and blocks its ability to reproduce. And here’s some cool science for you: even after bacteria dies, it retains silver particles, which can then kill any new bacteria that comes in contact with it. 

Towel Gift Wrapping Ideas

Towels are a great gift, but they’re not the easiest thing to wrap. 

More Traditional Wrapping Ideas

If you’re set on using wrapping paper, you’ll need a box big enough for the towels (and any extras, like the candle or bath scents). Then, you can go to town wrapping it! Perhaps you can use a paper that matches the color of the towels, or maybe the favorite color of whoever is receiving the gift.

If you want to try something different, you can stack the towels neatly and then wrap colorful cellophane around them. Then, top it off with a giant bow to keep things festive. 

Another idea is to get a big gift bag and stuff it with tons of tissue to cover the towels. Have some fun with it and get creative with the colors you use and the bow and ribbons that accompany the gift!

Wrap A Decorative Candle

For a two-in-one gift that will freshen up their bathroom, wrap a small hand towel around a candle. This will both help to reduce wrapping paper waste and give your recipient double the gifts! 

Wrap The Set In Separate Boxes

If you purchased a towel gift set, split them up into several little boxes instead of wrapping one large box to make opening the gift more exciting. Even if they know what’s coming after opening the first box, it’s nice to be able to spend time opening a gift. 

Line A Giftbox With A Towel

If you’re planning on giving the towels along with other gifts, line the box with one of the towels for a plush look, and then fill it with the other items. This way, it’ll almost be like an extra surprise gift when they get to the bottom of the box!


While a towel might not be the first thing you think of when you think about Christmas gifts, it makes the perfect present for anyone on your list. From anyone trying to have better skin health to those who are living on their own for the first time, a towel is an essential item for everyone. 

Miracle Brand towels are made with silver fibers, which help prevent bacteria from forming and helps to prevent odors from forming. This means less laundry for you and more time to spend doing… well, whatever you’d like!  And to top it all off, the silver technology in Miracle Brand towels prevents your towels from smelling, so your recipient’s bathroom will always be fresh, clean, and stylish.

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