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How To Iron Sheets: The Easiest Way

One of life’s smallest luxuries is a perfectly made bed. This simple touch can take any room — from a five-star hotel to a college dorm — and make it feel relaxing and inviting. However, when life is hectic and you have a million things going on, taking care of...

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How To Wash Bath Mats and Rugs

Have you ever wondered what the dirtiest thing in your bathroom is?  Take a moment and guess. It’s not your toilet, although that is a popular answer. It’s not your sink or your shower, either.  The dirtiest item in your bathroom is likely your bath mat. Are you surprised by...

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How To Turn Shower Into Steam Room: 3 Tips

If you’ve ever treated yourself to a spa day, you may know that nothing can quite compare to the amazing feeling of a steam room. Just imagining the experience likely puts your mind and body at ease.  What if we told you that you could recreate this feeling right in...

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How Often Should You Shower?

Shower protocol can be a touchy subject, as nobody wants their personal hygiene to be the topic of discussion. But the truth is, if you shower more than a few times a week, you might be showering more than you have to. People shower to cleanse themselves and refresh their...

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How Long Do Sheets Last?

Is it time to say goodbye to your favorite pair of sheets?  According to experts, if you have been using them consistently, you should replace your sheets every two to three years. There are quite a few reasons for this, and most of them have to do with cleanliness.  However,...

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What Are Top Sheets and 5 Reasons Why You Need Them

Making the bed is an art. Some people are sticklers about doing it correctly (and regularly), while others simply shake out the sheets and call it a day.  Whether you’re the former or the latter, it’s important to know the components of a well-made bed. Each piece of bedding has...

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