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What Is a Sham: A Guide to Shams & Bedding 2022

Have you gone most of your life sham-free? Then you're like most. Shams are usually an overlooked or underrated piece of a bed-set. Yet, Miracle Made says it might be your new gamechanger. While your bed may work fine with just a fitted sheet, comforter, and plain old pillowcases, adding...

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How To Layer Bedding Like an Interior Designer

Not everyone makes their bed first thing in the morning. In fact, like starting all new habits, it takes practice. But no one can argue otherwise that there’s no better feeling than coming home to a made-bed, especially if your bed looks professionally made. Your bedroom should be the most...

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The Ultimate Guide On How To Strip Towels

As of recent, and thanks to viral social media posts, especially on apps like TikTok and Facebook, laundry stripping has gained some serious popularity. If you've seen this immensely satisfying laundry washing technique and have been itching to try it, Miracle Made is here with the ultimate guide to strip...

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How To Fold Towels: 6 Different Ways

Folding towels can be a nightmare to some and a form of therapy to others. Some people even consider cleaning a form of self-care, as it relaxes them deeply. Whether you’re someone who loves it or hates it, it invariably shows up on your to-do list. Folding towels might not...

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Why Is Silver Antimicrobial?

If you've heard of silver-infused bedding, you may be asking yourself why. Why silver-infused? What exactly is the point? Silver is an antimicrobial substance that kills and slows the spread of microorganisms. Microorganisms can include bacteria, viruses, allergens, and fungus — pretty gross, we know!  At Miracle Made, we love...

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A Simple Step-By-Step Guide On Washing a Comforter

If you've finally found a comforter you love, the thought of washing it may seem daunting. While washing machines are a gift from the laundry gods, that's not to say they're always the best for your laundry. The truth is, some comforters can't be machine-washed. Some fabrics are more delicate...

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