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How Often Should You Change Your Towels?

When it comes to household chores, everyone’s list is unique. Not only is it likely that household tasks are divided amongst cohabiting family, friends, or roommates, but certain people have different requirements in the hygiene department. One person’s messy room may be another person’s ready-for-company tidy, so it’s safe to...

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Does Your Body Temperature Rise When You Sleep?

You may fall asleep at the perfect temperature some nights. Your pajamas are just the right amount of cozy-yet-cool, and your bedding is clean and fresh. You’re able to snuggle up and drift off, thinking only about how incredibly comfortable you are at that moment. Those moments are great —...

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How Often Should You Wash Your Blankets?

Your bedroom is your sanctuary! When your life is going a mile a minute, and you have to figure out how to juggle work, family life, hobbies, and social life, it can sometimes feel like the only place where you finally get to just… be.  Even if you’re not getting...

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How Often Should You Wash Your Sheets: Once Per Week

We spend a lot of time snuggled up in our beds. While the time we spend in our cozied-up is essential (and crucial to our health), so is ensuring your linens are as sanitary as possible. With every shut-eye session comes a whole day's worth of allergens, sweat, grime, and...

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4 Reasons on What Causes Night Sweats in Men

Typically, night sweats are caused by the easily perceivable — your room is too hot, or your blanket is too heavy. However, if you’re sure your bedding or room temp isn’t the culprit, here are some other causes of night sweats and ways you can help correct it.  How To...

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Why Do I Sweat In My Sleep: Night Sweats Explained

A little sweat here and there is inevitable, but during a peaceful night's rest? Well, then it’s totally inconvenient (or downright annoying.)  Some people will sweat more than others, naturally. For instance, some conditions like hyperhidrosis (an overactive thyroid) can cause sweat glands to be hyperactive. Other medications like SSRIs...

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