People are raving about antimicrobial silver!

Tim K

Really pleased with my shirt, & other items purchased. Have survived multiple wears running around Euro Disney with the kids - still smells fresh, comfortable to wear, looks nice & tidy. Definitely recommend.

Chakrik T.

it’s light, always smells good, and the fitting is just perfect!

Barry B.

These silver fabrics fit well, dry quickly, do the job of odor protection, and will keep me coming back.

V E.

ery comfy and indeed no sweat and no smell!


The material reflects heat well and the cooling stuff works well too.

Cathy W.

I am a long time fan of the benefits of silver

Michael Monti

Worth the investment. They feel and smell great all the time! Good look too!

Aleksandar G

Very comfortable and well made. They don’t smell even after workouts.

Ian B

Feels great, looks good, and does what it says it does :)


They are very comfortable, and still smell fresh. Thoroughly recommend.

Jay B

The silver is not just a marketing gimmick, it is legitimate.

Kelvin N

All day wear in leather wingtips and my feet come out with new car smell.

Christopher L.

Still dumbfounded to find that they simply do not retain any smells. I've even had a few friends give 'em the sniff test! Ordering more soon.

Grayling Brown

It doesn't matter where it comes from we unfortunately sweat and then smell. We use deodorant and soap faster than water down the drain. So when I came across this product on the funding site I figured we have tried everything else. So I backed the company. I am so glad I did. These socks are amazing. They so far (only one wash) seem to be working above anything else out there. I even worse mine two days in a row just for my own extreme torture test. Nothing. I mean nothing.


Stayed smelling fresh, felt comfortable to recycle them again. Would recommend.

Mark W

I've had it for a couple weeks and really have been trying to put it through the paces. I mostly use it for working out and especially for my most hardcore training days. No smell that I've noticed, even without washing!

Stephen E

I smelled them every day, and they were always as fresh as when I first put them on.

Brian J

Thank you for not skimping in any area of the fabric or design!

Joseph MN

Best purchase ever. I’ll be a repeat customer for as long as possible.

Aaron P

Super comfortable mix of fitted and relaxed. uber soft material. bomber for pulling off dirt bagging it and wear it AFTER working out and not smelling bad

Monroe B

Miraculously, I didn't smell at all. That's impressive.

Dan W

The anti bacterial stuff works and can air this shirt out without smelling up the whole house.

Todd F

...and it doesn't carry the smell of sweat with it when you take it off to toss into laundry basket!

Denton S

Great fit and looks very nice! I hope it doesn't absorb smells and is durable over time.


No smell, no slippage and love the color variety.

David P.

Silver threads really do prevent them from getting funky too quick.

Robert Neupauer

Amazing no iron fabric, plenty of stretch, most comfortable. You can wear these a long time before hitting the laundry

Paul J

Love the colors, the fabric and the longevity of this product...

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