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Luxury Sheets: How to Determine the Quality of Your Bed Sheet Set

For something so seemingly simple, it may surprise you that a set of bed sheets can cost anywhere between $50 and $2,500. Terms like "luxurious" and "heavenly" are appealing until you're presented with a four digit number at the bottom of your online shopping cart. It can be confusing reading...

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Best Bed Sheets: 7 Things To Look For When You Buy Bedding

Oh, bedtime. What a truly great time of the day. Slipping in between the sheets at night is definitely up there at the top spot, along with lunchtime and morning coffee time, of course.  Our beds are the place we are supposed to wake up refreshed each morning and be...

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How To Wash Bed Sheets

Unless you still live with your parents or are lucky enough to have a partner who does the laundry all the time, you already go through the motions of washing your bed sheets. And you've probably been doing it just fine, right? Washing bed sheets isn't rocket science. Anyone can...

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How to wash towels?

You’ve washed yourself in the shower and now it’s time to dry off. You reach over and grab your towel off the rack. It’s your favorite towel and it greets you like a soft hug every time. Your towel plays an important role in taking care of you, so why...

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How to get mildew smell out of towels?

First things first, let’s break this down. What even is mildew? That wet-sock, dirty-shoe, musky smell that our towels sometimes decide to adopt, what even is it? That is the despised mildew smell.  This unpleasant and unwelcome aroma sneaks up on us and can develop in towels and other household...

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