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Natural Silver Bedding: What Is It and What Are the Benefits

Silver has been introduced most commonly into activewear where it serves antimicrobial properties and antibacterial properties and since has been applied for the same properties to home linens. The silver ions are carefully weaved in to create a cool and comfortable experience for easy living while making it just a...

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Are High-Quality Sheets the Secret to Better Skin?

Are you well-past your teenage years but still find yourself dealing with acne? Sometimes it seems that no matter how many different products or treatments you try for your skin, it never seems to clear up. One surprise secret to better skin might be in a different location: your bedroom....

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How to Remove and Get Body Oils Out of Sheets

Are you constantly dealing with oily skin? Do you never seem to have enough oil blotting sheets on hand to soak up excess oil? Even if you’ve never really thought about it before, oil from your skin could be getting into your sheets and could be wreaking havoc on your...

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Silver Fabric: All You Need to Know About This Antimicrobial Fabric

Did you know that there is an antimicrobial fabric out there that is actually able to kill germs and bacteria on contact? It’s true -- and it’s actually silver. Not too different from the silver in your jewelry or appliances, silver fabric has tons of benefits that you didn’t even...

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Cooling Sheets: How They Work and What to Look For

Cooling sheets may seem a little counter intuitive given that a sheet has classically been thought of as something that keeps you warm. A sheet keeps you warmer because it rests closer to your skin and therefore traps more of your body heat. Cooling sheets are created to be extra...

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How often should you wash your sheets?

Spoiler: Probably more often than you do right now! It makes sense that bed sheets probably aren't at the top of your mind by the time you're flopping into bed after a long day. But clean sheets play an important role in making our sleep enjoyable and just straight up...

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