No more
musty towels.


No more musty towels.

The Miracle Made® Towel is infused with
silver that prevents up to 99.7% of bacteria growth

  • Fewer odors
  • Up to 3x less laundry needed
  • Luxuriously soft cotton

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Bath towels made from premium plush cotton and infused with silver to prevent up to 99.7% of bacteria growth.

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No more musty towels

The Miracle Made® Towel is infused with silver to help prevent up to 99.7% of bacteria growth

You're in the right place if you've ever been frustrated with musty towels or less-than-pleasant hand towels. While we love an absorbent bath towel set, if it’s not fast-drying — among other benefits — you may find yourself between a rock and a moldy place.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Do Towels Get Musty?

Bath towels come into contact with moisture and organic materials daily, creating the perfect environment for bacteria and fungi to flourish. These microorganisms are responsible for that off-putting, musty odor.

The weave and fibers of the towel may also contribute to musty odors. Traditional materials like Egyptian cotton and organic cotton are sumptuously soft, yet they lack quick-drying properties. The longer these types of towels stay damp, the more time bacteria have to proliferate.

When you add other elements, like lingering dampness in your bathroom or even on bath mats, you've got yourself a bona fide breeding ground for bacteria. Towels folded while still damp or left crumpled on the floor are more susceptible to bacterial growth due to the lack of air circulation.

Of course, not washing your towels enough can’t help. But that does leave one question.

How Do You Stop the Musty Smell?

Say hello to our Miracle Made® Towel Set, a stellar collection featuring two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths. Our cotton bath towel set takes the softness and durability of premium long-staple cotton and elevates it with premium Turkish cotton. Goodbye, microfiber.

But the real magic is in the details. Each towel is infused with silver through a natural process called ionization. This scientific marvel helps prevent up to 99.7% of bacteria growth, making your linens cleaner and more durable. This means you can have the plush bath towel of your dreams without the odors and lack of hygiene, from stone grey to sky blue.

What Are the Benefits of Clean Bath Linens?

It’s not just the peace of mind that makes our towels the best, and it’s not just the convenient multi-piece bath towel set that elevates your bath linen effortlessly. There are other benefits to avoiding that musty odor while still delighting in an absorbent towel. It might be time to ditch your classic terry towels!

Who doesn't love the idea of doing less laundry? Our products let you wash your towels up to three times less frequently than traditional ones.

That’s not just a time-saver — it’s also great for accessibility, letting you enjoy a cleaner lifestyle without added chores. Let your glorious white towels stay white longer, even when you’re busy.

Nobody likes the aroma of a musty towel. And with Miracle Brand’s best sellers, you can finally bid adieu to this perennial issue. Our bath linens are self-cleaning, which means less time worrying about odors and more time indulging in the sheer luxe of our products.

Are Miracle MadeⓇ Bath Linens for Me?

Our Miracle Brand bath linens are truly a cut above the rest. With an array of choices, from bath sheets to hand towels to washcloths, we have something for everyone. Why settle for musty when you can have miraculous?

When upgrading your bath experience, our products offer a unique blend of science, style, and unparalleled comfort. So go ahead and make the change to elevate your bath experience with Miracle Made today. After all, everyone deserves a little miracle in their lives.

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