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Feng Shui Bedroom: How To Optimize Your Room for Feng Shui

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Your room is your sacred sanctuary; you want it to be as peaceful as possible. There are tons of little things to bring an extra layer of relaxation to your special space.

In the past, you may have lit a candle or strung up some lights, but we're here to explain how you can elevate your bedroom to the next level with the art of feng shui.

Feng shui is an interior design practice that may benefit your overall mood. How?

Keep reading; we'll explain everything!

What Is Feng Shui?

You may have heard the term feng shui before, but we'll explain it again (just in case). Feng shui is an ancient Chinese belief that everything possesses energy, including your bedroom furniture — it’s essentially the interaction of people and their environments.

This perspective believes that everything from your bedroom furniture to the color of your throw pillows possesses energy. If not arranged accordingly, it can negatively affect your mood and even sleep patterns.

Even if you don't believe in the art of feng shui, it's still a beautiful point of view. If you’re seeking new ways to elevate your mood or fix once unsolvable sleeping issues, you may want to consider giving feng shui a try.

What Are Some Feng Shui Bedroom Rules?

We love cultivating positive energy, whether it is from optimal feng shui practices or a perfectly fluffed pillow. A good night’s rest is priceless.

Read on for some must-try feng shui tips that may give your space a better energy flow, improve your mood, wellbeing, and overall vibes:

1. Create Symmetry

Creating symmetry is a core feng shui practice that may help the energy flow of your room. For example, instead of one nightstand, have two on each side of the bed.

Start at your bed; you want equal space on both sides of your bed. This bed placement is a symbolic method of creating space for you and anyone who shares your bed.

2. Find a Commanding Position

Establishing a commanding position in your room is essential to the overall feng shui. A commanding position is when you position your bed to have an obvious vantage point of the bedroom door while avoiding aligning them perfectly. Keep in mind that beds facing the bathroom door are associated with bad feng shui.

The purpose? The concept of having a commanding position will allow you to see and feel everyone and everything before its entrance into your sacred space.

3. Consider a Minimalistic Approach

We know how easily bedrooms can become cluttered. If you have a minimalist approach, you may notice changes in your bedroom's good feng shui. Clutter can disrupt the room’s chi (life force energy).

Some people see a drastic change in their sleep quality in a tidy, organized room compared to a messy one. We're all aware of how vital sleep is for physical and mental health, so we suggest a good decluttering session.

4. Avoid Too Many Mirrors

This may be the opposite of the advice you've received, but according to best feng shui practices, you should watch how many mirrors are in your bedroom. Yes, mirrors can have an opening effect, leaving your room appearing bigger, but this goes against feng shui practices.

Many feng shui consultants believe that too many mirrors can generate improper energy or negative energy. An optimal feng shui bedroom layout has only a single mirror inside the closet door.

However, everyone is different; your sense of certain energies may differ from someone else's. Always do what makes you feel most comfortable. If having a mirror or two makes you feel calm and centered, we say you do you!

5. Choose Linens Intentionally

The feel and quality of your linens are very important, so we will always recommend our premium 500-thread Count Supima Cotton Bed Sheets, but the principles of feng shui state that the colors are just as significant.

Think warm, calming earth tones like copper, coral, or cream. The goal is to use colors to attract the right energy. These colors are (usually) considered welcoming, calming, and comforting.

Try matching your bedding to the rest of the room's color scheme. A solid color scheme may improve your room’s energy flow.

6. Feng Shui Color Schemes

Feng shui color schemes can become quite intricate, and while we're sure you already know lots, we want to talk about it in deeper depth —- for anyone seeking some more info.

Usually, bedroom colors are picked solely for the aesthetic, but we're telling you there is much more to them. A key component in feng shui practice is having the right colors and color schemes in your home, as specific colors might affect your moods and energy.

Here is our breakdown of feng shui colors and the energies they possess:

Blue and black

Blue and black are associated with the water element. According to feng shui, these colors can help you concentrate, meditate, and contemplate.


Green is considered an earth tone. It's associated with internal growth and change.


Red relates to the fire element. Feng shui experts believe this color enhances fierce energy levels.


Yellow is commonly linked to joy or happiness, which happens to be the energy it attracts, according to feng shui.

Light blue

Light blue is a delicate, calming color. It's thought to have the ability to elevate moods.

For the most part, you want to stick to neutral colors when picking your bedroom palette. Picking colors for your living room or home office may require a different approach, as you'll want to attract different vibes in each of these rooms.

7. Add a Supportive Headboard

Having a solid headboard is a key component in the art of feng shui; it's a symbol of support, which is why you should always have a supportive headboard.

You want to avoid sharp corners as you can get easily cut, and always place your headboard against a solid wall.

8. Use Natural Light

Optimize natural light whenever you can. By letting the outside in, you can expect refreshing energy to follow behind it.

Don’t Forget Your Bedding

Yes, the feng shui of your room is important. But something that is even more important (in our opinion) is your bedding. It's hard to love your room if you hate your bedding, right?

While we may be biased, we suggest a hypoallergenic Supima cotton bedding collection. Not only is it luxuriously soft, but our antibacterial bedding will always give you a clean and fresh place to rest your head.

What Is Antibacterial Bedding?

Antibacterial bedding is silver-infused bedding. Silver is a natural antimicrobial; it can kill fungi, bacteria, and certain viruses.

Using antibacterial bedding will result in three times less laundry, possible benefits to your skin, and if you're allergy-prone, maybe even a better night's sleep.

Time To Feng Shui Your Bedroom

There is no better feeling than waking up in a room you love. The sun is shining; the birds are chirping — it’s time to conquer the day!

The ambiance of your room is everything, so we suggest giving feng shui a try. No matter how you decorate and arrange your room, a peaceful space can make your day positively beautiful.


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