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4 Tips & Tricks On How To Get Slime Out Of Sheets

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If your precious angel (or kid-at-heart) was playing with slime where they shouldn't have, the aftermath might be a bit overwhelming. Still, those sticky chunks of sludge aren't impossible to remove — all it takes is a little bit of patience and determination.

We know that some people may just count their losses and toss their slime-ridden sheets, but if you're someone that's found bedding you truly love, then we understand if you're not ready to send them into early retirement.

Here are a few of our go-to tips and tricks to get slime out of sheets: 

Tip 1: Use an Ice Cube To Harden the Slime

If you've ever dealt with gum in your sheets, then you're probably familiar with this ice-cube trick. This hack has probably saved you tons of sheets, blankets, and pillowcases; it’s time to implement it again. 

Our first tip of the day is to use an ice cube to harden the slime. Once the slime hardens, it'll be much easier to peel or scrape it away. This trick requires patience as it takes a few minutes for the slime to freeze and harden. Grab your little mess maker and helper and get to work! 

Step One: Peel Away Excess Slime.

The first step in the process is peeling away as much excess slime as you can. You shouldn't expect every last bit of gunk to come out, but you are good to go as long as you get most of the big chunks. 

Wet slime is much easier to remove than dried slime. It may all come off in one piece if the slime is still mostly wet. However, it will likely still leave an oil residue on the blanket. We'll explain how to get that out too. 

Step Two: Grab Your Ice Cubes. 

Your fingers may get slightly cold during this step, so bear with us! It's time to grab your ice cube and start rubbing it onto the slime. This part may require some elbow grease — you want to ensure you're putting plenty of pressure on the slippery area; this way, it'll harden correctly. 

If you're lucky, your freezer will have some extra space to share, and you can pop the entire sheet or blanket in there. The goal is to get the slime as cold as possible, so completely submerging it in the cold is the best option. 

Step Three: Start Scraping. 

Now that your slime is hardened, it's time to grab your tool of choice (a spoon or butter knife works well) and start scraping away at the mess. We suggest picking the bigger chunks off with your fingers and using your scraping device for the more thin sections. 

This part may take some time, but this is where your patience must persevere. Plus, once your arms get fatigued enough, you always have the slime-instigator to step in as backup. 

Tip 2: Use White Vinegar

This trick works best if the majority of the slime is removed already, so it might be a good idea to start with your ice cubes and remove most of the gunk that way; then, you can step in with your vinegar solution.

This white vinegar solution works great at removing those last few tiny pieces and the oily residue the slime left behind.

Step One: Make Your Solution. 

This hack is really convenient because it (most likely) won't require a trip to the grocery store — all you need is white vinegar, a spray bottle, and water. 

The solution consists of 2-parts distilled white vinegar and 1-parts water. 

Step Two: Start Spritzing. 

This is a part of the process your kiddo may enjoy participating in. If you feel comfortable, you can hand them the spray bottle and have them do some of the sprayings. 

You, of course, want to transport the bedding off your bed and into the bathroom or kitchen sink — once that's done, go ahead and give your fabric a nice blast of your vinegar cleaning mixture. Be sure all areas of the sheet with slime or residue on it get saturated with the solution. 

Step Two: Rinse Under Warm Water.

Contrary to the first hack, this step in the vinegar hack requires you to rinse with warm water instead of cold. The warm water should heat the slime enough, causing the rest of it to peel right off, and as you rub the vinegar solution with, work on that oily residue. 

If the stain is extra stubborn and won't budge, we suggest using a soft-bristled brush or washcloth for added unf. 

Step Three: Run Through the Washer.

Once all the slime is removed from the sheet and the oil stain is no longer visible, you can run your bedding through a normal wash cycle — your sheets should pop out of the dryer, good as new. 

Tip 3: Dish Soap 

If you don't have any white vinegar on hand, don't panic! You probably have other household cleaning products that work as substitutes — dish soap is a great alternative. You may not already know this, but dish soap works wonders on difficult oil-based stains. 

Step One: Rub in the Soap. 

Once you've managed to scrape or peel away most of the bigger pieces of slime from the sheet, you can apply the dish soap. Once the fabric has a nice lather of soap and is submerged in warm water, you can begin massaging the stain. 

Step Two: Extra Rinse. 

Before you run your sheet through a normal wash cycle, you should give it one more thorough rinse in the sink. You want to ensure all slime and stains are gone from the sheet before washing and drying. 

Note: Once your machine dries a stain, the chances of the slime stain staying for good on your sheets increase drastically. 

Tip 4: When All Else Fails: Soak 

Sometimes no matter how hard you scrape or scrub, that oily residue on the sheet that the slime left behind just won't come out. If that's the case for you, don't give up just yet — sometimes, all the sheet needs is a nice, long soak. 

We suggest a minimum of 30 minutes but the longer, the better. (Also, it helps to add a stain-removal solution or vinegar to the water.)

Things To Keep in Mind When Removing Stains

Stain removal can be a pain no matter the type of stain you're dealing with, so it's always important to remember to stay patient. 

Your bedding plays a huge role in your sleep and should never be neglected. We know how important your bedding collection is to you, so we never want to see it throw-out or left in the closet to collect dust over a slime incident. 

Hello Shining Sheets 

We know that your little ones can get into trouble sometimes, but there's no need to panic over a bit of slime on sheets — the chances you get every last bit of the stain removed are huge! 

Here at Miracle Made, we want to see your sheets last you for as long as possible, which is why we prioritize helping you with any stain-removal dilemmas you face. It's always important to remember, even if you've tried every trick in the book with no luck, don't give up — where there's a stain, there's a way. 




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