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How To Put On a Duvet Cover: The Easiest Way

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While we love duvet covers, if you don't know all the necessary tips and tricks, you may struggle to put them on. The truth is, duvet covers aren't as tricky as they're made out to be. Like most things, you only need a few simple tutorials before becoming a pro. 

Duvets: A Brief Glance

While duvets have been around since 3,000 BC, they didn't start trending until the 1960s. Why? Well, until the mid-1900s, the cost to DIY or buy duvets wasn't something everyone could afford. Now, duvets have the attention they deserve since they are more affordable to more people.

When putting on a duvet cover, there are a few different methods to consider. You're welcome to try them all out, but chances are there’s one hack that you’ll love the most.

First up: the traditional method:

The Traditional Method

After you’ve wrestled your fitted sheet onto your mattress and your pillowcases are just right, it’s time to put the whole thing together. 

The traditional method was developed once duvets hit the market in the 1960s. Everyone loved their new bedding but struggled with its assembly.

To avoid any duvet-mishaps, follow the simple steps below: 

Step one: Lay the duvet insert over the entire bed. 
    Step two: Turn the duvet cover inside out. 
      Step three: Lay it over the insert (ensuring the corners of the duvet cover match up.)
        Step four: (If needed), tie or snap the opening of the duvet cover to the duvet. 
          Step five: Start at the end of the bed and grab the top corners of the duvet — making sure the duvet and cover are pinched together— proceed to turn the duvet cover right side out. 
            Step six: Lift up and slide the cover over the rest of the insert. Hold the covers of the duvet cover and adjust as needed. 

              Now, you're done — you should plop down and take a celebratory nap on your new bedding!

              The California Roll Method

              Arguably the easier of the two, the California roll way (or burrito method) is a crowd favorite. It requires fewer steps than the traditional method, and the results are just as gorgeous. 

              Step one: Flip your duvet cover inside out. 
                Step two: Lay the cover over the bed with the open end of the duvet cover at the foot of the bed and the top of the duvet cover (the closed end) at the top of the bed.
                  Step three: Place the insert on top of the cover. 
                    Step four: Grab the edges at the opposite end of the opening (the top of the bed) and begin tightly rolling. You should be rolling both the cover and the insert.
                      Step five: At this point, your bedding should look like a burrito. Now, grab the end of the roll and open the duvet cover. This step inverts the cover and opens the ends. 
                        Step six: All that's left to do is fasten any tie closures and click and buttons. 

                          Last Step

                          The last step is the same regardless of your method choice. To ensure your duvet is properly fluffed and ready for bed; grab the two corners at the bottom of the bed, and give your duvet a good shake. 

                          This simple trick will leave your duvet fluffy as ever without messing up the alignment of the insert inside — you don't have to worry about your duvet bunching up. 

                          Is a Duvet Right for You? 

                          Buying bedding isn't just about colors and fabric type — there is much more to consider. First, deciding what qualities you want in your bedding is crucial.

                          Here are some questions you should ask yourself: 

                          What type of fabric do I prefer?

                          Is having antibacterial bedding important to me? 

                          Do I prefer comforters over duvets? 

                          Do I sleep hot or cold? 

                            Duvets are a little different than a comforter. Duvets come in two pieces (an insert and a cover.) Ultimately the choice will come down to personal preference. 

                            Bedding Refresh

                            Even if, after these tutorials and learning the pros of owning a duvet, you still aren't in love with yours, we want to offer some alternative bedding options. 

                            First off, it's okay not to love one kind of bedding; that's why there are all different types! Even if you've met some die-hard-duvet fans, that doesn't mean you have to be one too.

                            Here at Miracle Made, we adore our duvets, but we love our comforters too. 

                            Here are a few reasons you might love it too:

                            Miracle Comforter

                            Like our duvets, our Miracle Comforters are made from the softest Supima cotton, are antibacterial (self-cleaning), and are hypoallergenic. Our Comforter is also temperature regulating, meaning you can say goodbye to clammy night sweats and stinky sheets. 

                            While during this article, you've discovered that duvet covers are nothing to be intimidated by, that's not to say the assembly is for everyone. Some people don't see versatility as a necessity and would rather skip the steps entirely.

                            If that sounds like you, maybe a Miracle Comforter is more to your taste. Regardless of what you decide, it's important to know that there is — seriously — no problem with preferring a comforter over a duvet; that's why we make both!

                            The Miracle Made Difference

                            Let’s get into the science behind why antibacterial bedding is the bedding of the future (and of the present).

                            This bedding is incredible if:

                            You want easy care. 

                            You may think that a duvet would be more complicated to wash/care for since there are two pieces, but that's really not the case. Duvets are known for their simple cleaning instructions. And if you use Miracle Mades self-cleaning Antibacterial Bedding Collection, you can expect up to 3x less laundry. 

                            You want versatile bedding. 

                            The best part of duvets is that they're versatile. Since duvets come with a cover and an insert, you can easily switch your cover without purchasing a new bed set. 

                            You like soft, fluffy, and luxurious bedding. 

                            Since duvets have two layers, they're known for their fluff. Miracle Made makes our duvet and duvet covers with a 500-thread count sateen weave, USA-grown Supima cotton. Meaning you won't lose an ounce of sleep over a lack-of-smooth and silky feel.

                            You want to try antibacterial bedding. 

                            Germs and bacteria wreak havoc everywhere, and your bed is one of those places. Normal towels, bedsheets, and blankets are a breeding house for unwanted bacteria. 

                            If you're trying to make an effort to keep your home clean and safe, then perhaps consider giving antibacterial bedding a try. Antibacterial bedding is infused with silver, which is a natural antimicrobial.

                            Happy Napping

                            Even though it's (technically) considered a chore, we want bed-making to be seen as fun. Buying your bedding is definitely the most exciting part, but with every duvet comes an assembly process.

                            The good thing is that putting on a duvet cover should take (at most) five steps. And if, after all your research, you've decided that a comforter is a better fit for you, we say go for it — as long as your bedding helps you get all your needed beauty sleep, that's all that matters. 


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