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How To Turn Shower Into Steam Room: 3 Tips

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If you’ve ever treated yourself to a spa day, you may know that nothing can quite compare to the amazing feeling of a steam room. Just imagining the experience likely puts your mind and body at ease. 

What if we told you that you could recreate this feeling right in your own home? There are a few different ways you can turn your shower into a steam room, and we’ll break down each option for you! 

What Is a Steam Room? 

Not quite sure what a steam room is or how it works? We’ll get you started with the basics here. 

Often found in nice gyms or day spas, steam rooms are heated rooms that can help you relax. A typical steam room is heated between 110 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Far from being a recent development, steam rooms have actually existed for centuries. There is evidence they were used frequently in Greek and Roman cultures, as well as in many Indigenous groups. Today, they’re mostly used for relaxation.

What Are the Benefits of a Steam Room? 

Steam rooms don’t only feel nice and relaxing — they are actually extremely beneficial! There are many reasons why you may want to turn your shower into a steam room. 

Health benefits of steam rooms include: 

  • Increased relaxation. Taking time to use a steam shower can help you relax, potentially leading to better sleep, lower stress levels, and more. 
  • Clearing congestion. The warm and humid air can help to thin out mucus, allowing it to drain. 
  • Improving circulation. The air in a steam room can also help with your blood flow, helping your blood transport oxygen more easily. 
  • Relieving joint stiffness. Using a steam room after working out can help with recovery and may temporarily reduce tension in your joints. 
  • Improving skin health. The heat in a steam room can help open up your pores to release toxins and buildup. Opening your pores can also help your skincare products soak in deeper.

Now that you know the benefits of a steam room, you’ll definitely want to make use of them! You can use a steam room fairly often, but the key is not overstaying your welcome. 

The warm air may feel great, but it is generally recommended that you limit your time to no more than a half hour per session. 

What Is the Difference Between a Steam Room and a Sauna? 

You may hear the words “steam room” and “sauna” used interchangeably, but are they actually the same thing? The answer is no — there are a few key differences between steam rooms and saunas. 

Steam rooms are typically heated much lower than saunas. While a steam room may be approximately 110 degrees, the average sauna is heated between 150 and 195 degrees. 

The type of heat they produce is also different. Steam rooms produce moist heat, while saunas give off extremely dry heat. 

The health benefits are similar, so the choice will ultimately come down to personal preference. 

Can Anyone Use a Steam Room? 

While steam rooms are relaxing experiences, there are some people who should avoid them or consult a doctor before using them. 

Generally, children should not use steam rooms, steam showers, or shower steamers. People with health conditions such as low blood pressure, heart problems, or a history of strokes should also skip the steam room. 

It is also recommended that those who are pregnant avoid steam rooms as there is a higher risk of overheating. If you are unsure if a steam room is safe for you, please consult your doctor. 

Three Ways To Turn Your Shower Into a Steam Room 

Indulging in a steam room experience at a spa or the gym can be nice, but if you’re ready to recreate that experience in your own home, we have you covered. There are three ways you can turn your shower into a steam room of your very own. 

1. Hire a Professional 

If you want to upgrade your shower into a full steam room or steam shower, the best way to do so is by hiring a professional. Steam rooms require plumbing work that is a little more advanced than the average person can do alone. 

This route guarantees a high-quality in-home steam room. It’s also the most expensive option, with installation ranging anywhere from $2,500 to $6,500. 

Once your steam room is installed, you’ll need to properly maintain it to keep your bathroom nice and, more importantly, mold-free. While the steam is a great addition, the humidity can also contribute to mold. Regular care and maintenance can help avoid this. 

2. DIY It 

Are you confident in your DIY abilities? It is possible to DIY a steam room install. 

This option is a bit on the risky side, but if you’re willing to spend the time to really plan out the project, it may be worthwhile. Be sure to learn everything necessary about plumbing, ventilation, and other important factors before you start. 

If you’re set on a DIY bathroom project, a sauna may actually be the better route to go. They are easier and cheaper to install on your own. Then, if you’re still looking to take a steam shower, you can always check out tip number three! 

3. Use Shower Steamers 

Our favorite option by far also happens to be the most convenient and inexpensive. You can easily re-create the feeling of a steam room simply by turning on a hot shower, closing the bathroom door, and leaving the fan off for a few minutes. 

Once you have the room nice and steamy, you can lower the temperature of the shower and get in. Be careful not to get in the shower while the water temperature is hot! 

To elevate your shower steam room experience, you can use shower steamers. Similar to bath bombs, these small disks are packed with essential oils that release when they’re placed just outside the main stream of warm shower water. 

You can even customize your shower benefits by using specific steamers. Try lavender to help soothe feelings of anxiety, eucalyptus to help with decongestion, or even citrus for a boost of energy. 

There’s really no need to install an expensive steam room at home. You can use your existing shower and experience the same benefits without the hassle. 

Complete the Spa Experience at Home

Now that you know how to turn your shower into a steam room, there are a few other easy ways to make your home bathroom feel just as luxurious as a fancy spa! Adding some finishing touches can help you feel even more relaxed. 

Here are our favorite ideas for turning your bathroom into a spa-like environment:

  • Add soft white candles around the room
  • Treat yourself to a high-quality towel
  • Prepare special lotions or body oil for after your shower
  • Buy a robe and slippers from your favorite spa or hotel brand 

These small touches can go a long way to making your home bathroom feel like a relaxing escape. 


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