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How To Use Shower Steamers: Step By Step

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It’s becoming more and more mainstream to prioritize taking good care of yourself, and it’s not just a trend. Even the CDC acknowledges the importance of practicing self-care and showing yourself compassion when it comes to your overall wellness. It’s safe to say that finding little ways to treat yourself throughout your daily routine is a good idea.

One increasingly popular way to turn your usual, dull shower routine into a serious self-care moment is by using a shower steamer. But what is a shower steamer, and how does it work? 

We’re here to walk you through it.

What Is a Shower Steamer?

The easiest way to explain a shower steamer is to compare it to another popular self-care implement: the bath bomb. Bath bombs are basically bundles of skin-healthy ingredients and aromatherapeutic scents (and often fun, colorful glitter) that can be dropped into your bath. Once submerged, bath bombs dissolve and infuse all of their goodness into the water.

Similarly, a shower steamer is made with ingredients that are meant to be good for your skin and body, as well as aromatherapeutic elements. These turn your everyday shower into a seriously luxurious experience that makes even the smallest bathroom into a five-star spa.

What Can Shower Steamers Do for You?

While shower steamers may sometimes have ingredients that are meant to be good for you physically, unlike bath bombs, you’re not going to be soaking in them. So their main benefit is in the aromatherapy that they provide. 

Aromatherapy is the process of using essential oils, which are generally cultivated from botanical sources like flowers, herbs, or trees, to help impact your mood. Some believe that aromatherapy promotes certain physical benefits as well: It depends on the kind of essential oil used.

You may be more familiar with aromatherapy when it’s associated with essential oil diffusers or candles — shower steamers work similarly.

Aromatherapy can provide a wide range of benefits. Depending on which essential oils are in your shower steamer, they’re thought to be helpful with everything from improving the quality of your sleep to addressing symptoms of a cold. Additionally, they can offer relief for headaches and migraines or generally boost your mood, or help you unwind. 

How Do You Use Shower Steamers?

One of our favorite things about shower steamers is that they’re super easy to use! But let’s walk through some simple steps so you can be sure you’re getting the most out of your new favorite product.

Step One: Get Your Steamer Wet… but Don’t Soak It

Place your shower steamer at the opposite end of the showerhead as you’re waiting for the water to warm so that the steamer gets a little wet. This will activate the steamer and begin the process of releasing those delicious essential oils into the steamy air of your shower.

But again, it’s not a bath bomb, so don’t soak it or let it become submerged. The idea is long-term release rather than instant gratification.

Step Two: Place Your Steamer Away From the Showerhead

Once you’re ready to step into the shower and your steamer is slightly damp — you should start to smell it within 30 seconds. At that point, you’ll want to move it away from the showerhead. 

You can place it on a side or corner of your tub, as long as it’s not getting repeatedly splashed. If you have a shower caddy underneath the showerhead, you could palace it there so that it stays dry. 

It’s also possible to get a mesh container or even a suction-cup soap holder specifically for your shower steamer. Just place it on the far side of your tub so that the steamer isn’t hit with water directly. This is a more advanced move for the shower steamer devotees among us.

Step Three: Enjoy!

That’s it! It’s truly that simple. It may take some trial and error to find the perfect place in your shower to put your shower steamer so that it dissolves and releases essential oils effectively without dissolving it too quickly, but once you find the perfect spot, you’re off to the races.

Enjoy the luxurious, natural scents that fill your shower, and appreciate yourself for making this simple part of your day a tad more joyful. 

Not sure what scent is best for you? Don’t worry: We’ve got some advice for that, too.

What Kind of Shower Steamer Is Best for You?

Choosing the optimal shower steamer is all about knowing what you need to help get the most out of your day. If you’re not sure which of these categories you fall into (or if it depends on the day), consider a variety pack. A variety pack is a smart way to try different types of aromatherapy and figure out what works best for you.

But if you have specific needs or a set routine for when and how you shower, we’re here to make it easy for you.

If Cold & Flu Season Hits You Hard

First of all, we’re sorry — having a cold is the worst. It’s especially hard in the morning because symptoms can feel magnified. Particularly if you’re congested, it can feel like all of your cold symptoms rallied together to make you miserable when you wake up, and symptoms can feel more significant in the morning.

Our Clarity & Relief shower steamers can help decongest you so you can set out for the day breathing easily. With a calming mix of eucalyptus and mint essential oils, these shower steamers will help clear things up so you can breathe properly all day. Say goodbye to long-lasting nasal decongestion in just five minutes. 

If You Shower Before Work

If you believe in the power of the AM shower, you’re going to want to feel Energized.

Our Energize shower steamers are formulated with mood-boosting and focus-finding citrus to help you find your center before you head into your big meeting for the day. The fresh, clean smell of invigorating citrus can provide lasting energy — and it smells delicious.

If You Shower Before Bed

If you like to shower before getting under your comforter, you need a soothing steamer. 

Relax and unwind with our Calm shower steamers. You can easily clear your mind and relieve stress, anxiety, and tension with this special mix of lavender that will put you right to sleep. 

They’re so effective you may go from being up all night to worrying that you’re sleeping too much.

In Conclusion

Using a shower steamer is a simple and effective way to transform your shower from a boring daily task to a way to appreciate yourself, your body, and practice a little bit of self-care. 

Although it may take you a minute to find a steamer that has the mix of essential oils you prefer, using shower steamers is super easy. They’re a great way to promote better sleep and improve your mood. Overall, shower steamers create a feeling of luxury without the price tag and difficulty that usually comes with it!


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