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Master Bedroom Design Ideas: 5 Design Ideas

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On average, adults should get at least seven hours of sleep per night. Unfortunately, studies show that as many as one in three adults don’t get enough sleep to stay healthy, happy, and energized. Many factors can go into the quality of your sleep, but one you may not have considered is the decor of your main bedroom.

A beautiful bedroom may seem like an unnecessary luxury. But ensuring that your master bedroom design makes you feel happy, comfortable, and happy to be there can make a big difference in how you feel when you get ready for bed at night.

Let’s talk about some master bedroom ideas to promote better sleep so you can put them to good use when you decide you’re ready for a bedroom makeover.

1. Prioritize Feel-Good Colors

We could talk about the different styles out there when decorating — minimalist, mid-century, transitional, and so on. But while it might help you to focus on creating a modern bedroom and a cohesive, set “style,” your bedroom is such a personal space. We’d instead like to talk about your broader priorities and preferences, which brings us to color!

There are lots of studies and theories out there about how color can affect your mood. While you’ll naturally gravitate toward whatever colors you personally prefer, it is worth considering the impact these colors might have on your mood.

A white bedroom may look great in a magazine, but if you prefer to feel swaddled and cozy before bed, you’ll likely gravitate toward darker paint colors in real life. Blue is often thought to promote a feeling of calm and serenity, which makes it a great option for your primary bedroom.

More neutral colors such as light pink, white, and beige also make good choices because they have similar vibes. Green is also a great choice due to its association with nature and the feeling of tranquility many tones of green can create.

But it’s entirely up to you! If you want to paint your entire bedroom bright orange because it makes you feel joy when you wake up, more power to you.

2. Find Your Statement Piece

Once you’ve chosen your color scheme, it’s time to think about bedroom furniture, textiles, and other accents. Whether you love interior design or live in fear of it, picking a single statement piece is a great way to streamline your design choices and make your room feel intentional.

Whether attaching an upholstered headboard that covers an entire wall of your small bedroom or choosing a bold chandelier that showcases your aesthetic, statement pieces can make your room stand out. An accent wall or adding pops of color to your wall decor are also great options.

Your linens can also act as a statement piece. Our Miracle Made Comforter is super plush and perfectly optimized to keep your body at the ideal temperature while you sleep, and it’ll look great when tucked into a statement-making duvet cover.

3. Make Your Bed the Star

Whether or not you choose a unique bed frame and make your bed your statement piece, it is your room's focal point. It’s where you’ll spend a lot of your time, so making sure it’s a part of your room that makes you happy and comfortable is key. 

Part of that means finding the right accouterments — like throw pillows, coverlets, quilts, and blankets — to suit your personal style.

And some of that just means upping your bedding game. Our Miracle Made Sheet Sets are ultra-soft and ultra-breathable, so they help you stay at the perfect temperature all night long. They’re also infused with anti-microbial silver, which means they prevent bacteria from proliferating, meaning less laundry for you. 

4. Think About Lighting

Lighting is so important when it comes to any living space. It can truly make the difference between a room you want to spend all your time in and a room you avoid unless necessary. 

While most rooms will automatically have an overhead light, it’s rarely the best look for your space — overhead light can be too intense, especially for a room you want to make relaxing. Leave that overhead light off and keep your bedroom cozy with a table lamp or two or even smaller pendant lights that you can suspend on a wire or cable to bring them to a more flattering height. 

Wall sconces can also help balance out your lighting, and when in doubt — candles make any space feel a little bit magical. Additionally, think about the natural light in your room. 

While big windows are a gift in any home, in the bedroom, you’ll want to ensure you have sufficient window coverings. Floor-to-ceiling curtains can add a dramatic flair and block all light if you need total darkness to sleep. While lighter, airier linen curtains can let just enough natural light in to wake you naturally in the morning.

Obviously, the style of your lighting choices will be a factor — but make sure you’re not prioritizing form over function, especially when it comes to lighting.

5. Keep It Cozy

Many bedroom decorating ideas are geared around style, and that’s important. But we also want to encourage you to remember that your bedroom is a place of relaxation and winding down. 

So try to keep things cozy no matter what accents you want to bring into it, from architectural bedside tables to a whimsical light fixture.

If you have more rugged aspects to your bedroom, like shiplap walls or a more minimalist color scheme, try adding some softness with an area rug or an extra snuggly faux fur blanket. It’s all about balance!

Another thing you can do to keep your sleeping quarters fresh and cozy is stay on top of your laundry! Particularly if you like whites or neutral colors when it comes to bedding, you’ll want to have a plan to remove stains at the ready and spare sheets on the go at all times. It’s not a decor choice, per se — but there’s nothing quite as cozy as tumbling into freshly cleaned sheets at the end of a long day.


Your interior design sensibilities can say a lot about you as a person. But sometimes, it’s more important to think about what your home design says to you, especially when it comes to your master suite. 

On average, we all spend around one-third of our lives sleeping or trying to get to sleep. So that’s a lot of time you'll spend in your bedroom. While it’s often thought that the living room, family room, or kitchen are the heart of your home, we’d argue it’s where you need to be comfortable.

So next time you’re thinking about making a change to your decor, use these simple design ideas to ensure your master bedroom is stylish and functional while still being you.


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