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What Are Top Sheets and 5 Reasons Why You Need Them

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Making the bed is an art. Some people are sticklers about doing it correctly (and regularly), while others simply shake out the sheets and call it a day. 

Whether you’re the former or the latter, it’s important to know the components of a well-made bed. Each piece of bedding has a purpose, and it turns out that you might be missing out by forgoing the top sheet.

Top sheets can not only help your bed feel more luxurious, but if you find them extra comfortable, they may improve your sleep. Even if you’ve gone most of your life without using the top sheet, we’re sure you’ll be convinced after hearing these five facts.

What Are Top Sheets? 

Top sheets are flat sheets that come with a typical bedding set. They can be easy to confuse with fitted sheets, but there is one key difference between the two.

Fitted sheets have an elastic band around the edges so they can grip the corners of the bed, ensuring your sheets stay in place. Meanwhile, top sheets don’t have this elastic band. Instead, they are meant to sit on top of your fitted sheets to create a barrier between you and your comforter. 

It may seem like top sheets just add unnecessary steps to laundry day, but they actually serve a few important purposes. Here are a few reasons to dig your top sheet out of storage. 

Why Use Your Top Sheet? 5 Reasons 

While not everyone has jumped on the top-sheet train just yet, we have a few valid points as to why you need a top sheet in your life. Here are five reasons to put a top sheet on every bed in your home.

1. They Can Keep Your Comforter Cleaner

The top sheet sits between you and your comforter, protecting it from germs and keeping it cleaner. Plus, if you use silver-infused antibacterial sheets, they can stay cleaner for longer.

While washing your sheets once a week is essential, when your comforter is protected, you won’t need to wash it as often. And since top sheets are easier on your laundry machines than a comforter, using a top sheet can actually help prolong the life of your washer and dryer.

2. They Can Help Regulate Temperature

While there are temperature-regulating comforters and duvets out there, using your top sheet is another way to stay extra cool or extra toasty. 

If you’re feeling a little chilly, the top sheet adds an extra layer of warmth and insulation, and if you’re feeling warm, simply swap your blanket out for the top sheet. 

Your best bet is to use a temperature-regulating sheet set; this way, you may not suffer from night sweats or shivers. 

3. They Look Stylish

Think hotel room, penthouse, or that one friend that somehow always has their life together — whichever way you slice it, when a bed is set with a top sheet, it embodies chic luxury. 

Plus, you can use a colored or patterned top sheet to add an extra layer of dimension to your current set of bedding. There are multiple ways to show off your top sheet — so get yourself a trendy top sheet and sleep in style.

4. They Feel Better on Your Skin

We’re sure your comforter is plenty soft, but there is no better feeling than a 500-thread count sheet on your skin. Plus, when you use a high-quality top sheet, there will always be a cool side of the bed for you to roll into on those warm summer nights.

Enhance your slumber; utilize your precious top sheet. 

5. You May Sleep Better

When you’re more comfortable, chances are you’ll sleep better. While you might not notice a difference in your comfort level, it’s worth breaking out that top sheet to see what works for you.

The average person spends roughly 26 years sleeping. That’s a lot of time, so make sure to make it count by getting high-quality sleep. 

Sleep is crucial for your health and should be taken seriously. Anything that can help improve it is worth a shot. 

How Do You Make Your Bed With a Top Sheet?

Some people don’t use their top sheet because they simply don’t know how to. Here is a simple and easy way to make your bed using a top sheet. 

  1. Place your top sheet hem-side up. It should cover your bed from head to foot. You can even tuck the edges of your top sheet under your mattress if that’s what you like.

  2. Lay your comforter, duvet, or quilt over the top sheet.

  3. Grab the ends of your comforter and top sheet that are facing the head of the bed and fold them towards the foot of the bed a few inches.

  4. Place your pillows and decorative pillows on the bed (but don’t cover the folded hem).

There you go! You now have a bed that looks professionally made in just four simple steps. 

Why Do Some People Skip the Top Sheet?

Using a top sheet doesn’t have any real cons, but there are a few reasons people prefer using just the fitted sheet. 

They Add an Extra Step

Many people don’t like using flat sheets because they can add an extra step to their morning routine. While they can add a second or two, some people feel like it's worth the extra 30 seconds if they have a hotel-style bed waiting for them after work. 

Not Everyone Loves How They Feel

Some people find the flowing fabric of a top sheet irritating. Plus, top sheets can often come loose in the night and get tangled up under the comforter. 

If you’re someone that prefers to stay away from the occasional top-sheet tangle, you may want to stick with a solitary fitted sheet.

How Often Should You Wash Your Top Sheet? 

If you’ve decided to dig out your top sheet from the linen closet and give it a try, you may be wondering what exactly comes next.

The first order of business is to know how to care for your top sheet. You should treat your top sheet just like your other bedding and wash it as often as you wash your fitted sheet. 

Your top sheet will be in direct contact with hair, skin, and nails, so bacteria can build up quickly. If you’re using regular sheets, we say wash your sheets once a week (minimum). 

On the bright side, if you’re using a comforter, you won’t have to wash it nearly as often since your actual body isn’t touching it. Germs and bacteria can still get on your blanket, though, so while you don’t need to wash it weekly, you may still need to throw it in the wash once a month.

Top Sheets Equal Slumber Like No Other 

Top sheets can elevate the feng shui of your room while optimizing your comfort and sleep quality. If you’ve yet to try them, you now have five reasons to give them a spin. 

The most important part of using a top sheet is cleaning it regularly and choosing a sheet that fits your needs. Check out our selection of high-quality sheets to find the right set for you.


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