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What Is a Throw Blanket?

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One of life's simple pleasures is cozying up with a throw blanket on a chilly evening. But have you ever stopped to wonder what exactly a throw blanket is and what makes it different from other types of blankets or covers? 

Knowing what type of blanket you need for your space can help you make the right decision when it comes to these versatile and practical pieces of decor. Let’s talk about throw blankets — what specifically makes them what they are, how to incorporate them into your decor, and what to look for when choosing your own. 

Whether you’re a seasoned throw blanket enthusiast or are just discovering the cozy world of blankets, we’ve got you covered.

What Makes a Throw Blanket a Throw Blanket?

Even if you’ve never thought about it before, throw blankets are distinct from other types of coverings, and it’s useful to know what these terms mean so you’re more easily able to find the pieces that best complement your home.

Throw blankets are generally small and lightweight — they’re smaller than traditional blankets and can come in various materials, ranging from cotton and fleece to more substantial fibers such as wool. Throw blankets are smaller than duvets, quilts, or other coverings, making them ideal for storage and transport.

What Are Throw Blankets Used For?

Throw blankets are often used as decorative accessories. They can add a pop of color, pattern, or texture to a room. So if you find yourself looking around your living space wishing it looked a little bit cozier, a throw blanket can help. Likewise, if everything is starting to look a bit beige and you want to break it up, a vibrant throw can make all the difference.

Throws can be draped over a chair, couch, or even your bed to provide an extra layer of warmth in addition to what they add aesthetically. But even if you’re not looking to add warmth, decor is important for more than just aesthetics — how you decorate your bedroom can seriously impact your sleep environment. 

And a soothing, well-thought-through sleep environment can make a difference in the overall quality of your sleep. While throw blankets are similar to traditional blankets in many ways, there are some key differences. 

For one, they’re often made from different materials. Throw blankets are, more often than not, made from lightweight materials. This makes them easy to fold if you need to store them or travel with them if you want to stay cozy and comfortable on a long trip.

Throw blankets often offer a different texture from traditional blankets because they come in a wide variety of designs and materials. Whether you want something sleek and silky, something in a chunky cable knit, or something that looks more textural, like faux fur, there’s a throw blanket out there for you. 

Their size and versatility make them a small but mighty option for home decor and for adding a cozy touch to any room.

What To Look For in a Throw Blanket

When it comes to choosing the right throw blanket for you and your needs, there are certain qualities you’ll want to consider to ensure you get the most out of your purchase. So let’s walk through some of these all-important factors.


The material of a throw blanket can impact its feel and durability (which will factor into later considerations, too.) Popular materials for throw blankets include cotton, fleece, wool, and even synthetic materials such as acrylic. Which material is best for you will simply depend on your personal needs.

Cotton, for instance, is a soft and breathable option, while fleece or wool would provide more warmth. Acrylic is more durable and easy to clean, which is also something you should factor in. This brings us to…


Now, it’s important to wash your bedding once a week. If it’s summertime and you’re worried about getting rid of sweat stains, you may want to wash your bedding even more frequently at these times, as well as if you have pets or allergies that might make you more sensitive to build-up and bacteria on your sheets.

Not washing your sheets frequently enough can lead to all kinds of issues. Breakouts, skin irritation, smell — it can even interfere with the feel of your bedding. 

It’s why our Miracle Made Sheet Set is made with silver-infused fabric to help prevent up to 99.7 percent of bacterial growth, meaning you can go longer between washes and sleep soundly.

Although your throw blanket likely won’t experience as much skin-to-skin contact as your sheets and won’t need to be washed as frequently, it’s important to consider where your throw will be. It will also be important to consider how often you’ll use it so that you can stick to easily washed materials if they’ll be heavily used, and allow yourself to pick less easily cared for but potentially more luxurious materials if they will be more form than function.


Similar to care, it’s important to consider the durability of your throw blanket before choosing one. If you’re likely to use it all the time, you have two options. 

One: you can choose a throw blanket that doesn’t cost too much or have particularly intense care needs, knowing that it’s likely to wear out, but you won’t have spent enough on it to mind when it does. 

Two: you could choose a more costly throw blanket made from more durable materials (which will likely mean more rigorous care requirements.) But by going for the second option, you’re likely to have a throw that will last you a long, long time with proper care.


Throw blankets come in a range of styles, from classic solids to bold patterns. Consider the decor of the room where you plan to use the throw blanket and choose a style that complements it. If you plan on using the throw blanket as a statement piece, a bold pattern or bright color might be a good choice, too.


A throw blanket isn’t just a cozy accessory for your home but a versatile piece of textile that can add depth and texture to any room. From adding a pop of color to your living room to providing warmth on a cold night, throw blankets are a practical and stylish addition to any home decor, especially for those looking to create a relaxing sleep environment. 

It’s important to remember that adults need at least seven hours of sleep per night on average, and a cozy throw blanket can help to create a comforting and relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom, too.

Next time you’re shopping for home accessories, don’t forget to consider the humble throw blanket. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious faux fur option or a lightweight cotton throw, you will find something that fits your style and needs. 

With their versatility and charm, throw blankets are sure to become a fast favorite alongside our temperature-regulating and anti-bacterial bedding to add a touch of style and promote a good night’s sleep.


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