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What Size Are King Pillowcases?

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When it comes to the ultimate bedroom set up, there’s nothing quite like a king bed. The large, luxurious bed takes comfort and space to the next level. 

If you have it to yourself, you have plenty of room to sprawl out and pack it full of as many pillows and blankets as you want. If you’re sharing the bed, you can have an entire side to yourself when you just need a little breathing room. 

While a king bed is great for the amount of space it allows you, it can also complicate things a bit when it comes to sheet sizes. If you’ve never had a king bed before, you’ll have to replace your existing sheets with a brand-new set of great sheets. When it comes to downsizing, you may get away with using bigger sheets on a smaller bed. 

However, when you’re upgrading, your queen or standard-sized sheets just won’t cut it anymore. That’s why it’s important to know what size sheets you’ll need for your new bed or new pillows. 

We’ll walk through the most common sizes and let you know the size of a king pillowcase. 

What Are the Common Pillowcase Sizes?

There are three main pillow sizes, all of which come with slightly different pillowcase sizes. The three most common pillowcase sizes are standard, queen, and king. 

There are a few additional types of pillows that we’ll discuss later, but for now we’ll break down the size difference in the most popular pillow sizes. 

Standard-Sized Pillowcases 

A standard pillow is one you’ll find on any bed ranging from a twin bed to a full bed. You can also use a standard pillow on a larger bed; it just won’t be as comfortable and may look a little bit silly. 

The size of a standard pillowcase is typically 20”x26”. It is possible to use a larger pillowcase on a standard pillow if you’re okay with a little extra fabric, but you really only want a few extra inches between the size of the pillow and the size of the pillowcase. 

Queen-Sized Pillowcases

Queen-sized pillowcases are just a few inches larger than standard-sized pillowcases. Some sheet sets will actually have the same-sized pillow case between their standard and queen sets. 

You may see queen-sized pillowcases in sizes between 20”x27” and 20”x32”. For many, queen-sized sheets and beds are the sweet spot between a standard-sized bed and a king-sized bed. Queen-sized beds also can fit well in most main bedrooms, as they tend to take up just enough space without making the room feel too big or too small. 

King-Sized Pillowcases 

King pillows are among the largest and most comfortable pillows you can get. Think about the last time you checked into a hotel room and found a king bed waiting for you in all its glory. 

Now, picture that same luxury waiting for you at home each night! King-sized beds call for large, cozy pillows. The pillowcases for a king pillow are usually approximately 20”x37”. This allows it to fit nicely onto your king pillow while still leaving an inch or two, as recommended. 

What About the Uncommon Pillowcase Sizes?

You may need to find pillowcase sizing for a few other types of pillows, but they are less common than the ones listed above. Finding the right size pillowcase for most of these pillows is still fairly simple, although you may have to shop around a little bit more. 

Body Pillow Sized Pillowcase

Body pillows are approximately the same width as a typical pillow, but they are much longer. They’re great for use as a back pillow or a pillow to snuggle up with as you sleep on your side. The average body pillow is 20’x54’. 

You can find some great pillowcases for body pillows because, as well as their practical use, they are often used as decorative pillows. You can find regular pillowcases, fuzzy pillowcases, or even leather pillowcases if you want to go a little fancier on your bed setup. 

Euro-Sized Pillowcases 

Another uncommon pillowcase size you may be searching for is the Euro-sized pillowcase. These pillows are square, often measuring 26”x26”. They are similar to a standard pillow, but they’re more likely to be used in decoration. You can also use a Euro pillow as a backrest or a throw pillow for your couch. 

California King Sized Pillowcases 

Believe it or not, California king beds use the same size pillows as your regular king bed. They stick with the standard king pillowcase size of 20”x37”. When it comes to a California king bed, you might want to add a few extra pillows to complete the look or add some extra comfort! 

Do You Have to Use a Pillowcase?

You may be wondering if it’s even necessary to use a pillowcase on top of your pillow. The answer is absolutely yes. Your pillowcase is an important barrier between your skin and direct contact with your pillow. Washing your entire pillow is a bit difficult, so the pillowcase makes it easier to keep your bed clean. 

Many germs and bacteria can build up on our sheets over time, not to mention the dead skin cells that rub off our faces each night as we sleep. These can cause skin problems like breakouts. If you’re allergy-prone, pillowcases help deter common allergens, especially if you get the right type of pillowcase. 

Pillowcases also protect your pillow and keep it nice and fresh for a longer time. Nice pillows are an investment, so you’ll want to keep them in good shape for as long as possible, so you don’t need to replace them as often. 

For an extra layer of protection, you can also get a pillow cover to put between your pillow and your pillowcase. This can help protect it even more against germs, bedbugs, and other icky things that have no business being that close to your head while you sleep. 

How Often Should You Wash Your Pillowcase? 

There is a lot of different advice about how often you should wash your pillowcases. Some people even go as far as saying you should change and wash your pillowcase every two days. For most people, that isn’t very realistic. 

The general rule is once a week or once every two weeks. Aim for at least once a week if you have oily skin or sweat a lot. Be sure to check the wash instructions for your sheets before tossing them in the washer. Each set of sheets is different, and caring for them well will allow them to last much longer. 

You can also wash your pillows. This is recommended much less than washing your pillowcase, but it’s still a good idea every so often. You can wash your pillows every six months or so to keep them nice and fresh. 

Ready to Catch Some ZZZs? 

Now that you know the size of a king pillowcase, you’re ready to find the perfect set of sheets! Remember that when it comes to pillows, you can always fit a larger pillowcase on a smaller pillow, so investing in a set of king-sized sheets can be helpful even if you plan to downsize in the future. 

Sleep tight! 


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