Does Thread Count REALLY Matter? Hint: Nope

Posted by Ahad Arif on

We’ve all been there. Whether staying at a hotel, shopping for sheets online, or roaming through the store aisles, we typically look for the highest thread count.


Does thread count actually matter though, or is it just a myth?

The truth is, thread counts are nothing more than vanity numbers. Large numbers don’t equate with more luxury and comfort -- in fact, sometimes it’s the opposite. So what exactly is thread count? 


It’s simple: thread count is the number of threads that are woven into one square inch of fabric. In reality, only a certain amount of thread can fit into a confined space. As a result, 500 is usually the maximum for bedding thread count -- anything over that means that the manufacturer employed creative counting in order to double that number or even higher.


A common way to “fake” thread count is by twisting two strands together to result in two-ply, or three strands for three-ply. That way, the thread count is technically doubled or tripled, with no change in quality. Some manufacturers will even use thinner threads so that the number of threads that fit into the fabric can increase. None of these strategies improve the quality of the fabric, and some may even reduce the quality by resulting in sheets that either feel stiff and comfortable, or don’t breathe well.


Consumer Reports has also tested the quality of sheets with different thread counts, and has confirmed through multiple experiments that “higher thread count doesn’t guarantee better sheets.” Did you know that a thread count of 1000 equates to a paper-like feeling?


So what really determines the quality of bedsheets?

The quality and type of material used.

That’s why Aloft uses some of the highest quality cotton in the world -- USA-grown Supima cotton, and premium Turkish cotton.

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