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With just a half cup of vinegar and a cup of baking soda in the washing machine, you can soften your stiff sheets right up.


Guide to Buying the Softest Sheets

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Buying new sheets is one of the greatest investments you can make when it comes to comfort and quality of life (and sleep).

After all, you do spend a large amount of your life sleeping on bed sheets so you will definitely want to make sure you buy quality sheets that are super soft and smooth. We are here to help provide you with the ultimate guide to buying the softest sheets you can find.

What Is the Softest Material for Sheets?

Bed sheets come in a variety of different materialsfrom silk, polyester, and even bamboo. But none of these materials can compare to the soft touch of cotton. Cotton is amongst the most popular materials used to make bed sheets and it is not hard to see why. It is a durable and breathable material, while at the same time it provides great comfort and softness. Cotton itself has a variety of different subtypes within the material itself. That being said not all cotton sheets are on the same level of softness as each other. Take the Miracle Brand cotton sheets for example. These sheets are not only found at an affordable price but are also at a very high quality. This can be chalked up to the sheets being made out of high-quality Supima cotton. The secret to what makes the Supima cotton sheets so luxurious is the long fibers that are woven throughout the sheets. This provides great softness and durability in the bedsheets.

Does Thread Count Matter for Soft Sheets?

The higher the thread count in bed sheets is often perceived as going hand and hand with softer sheets. This is not the case in all sheets, as you can find high-quality soft sheets with lower thread counts. The thread count in sheets is actually how many threads are woven into a single square inch of fabric. The thread count matters up to a certain extent as very low counts can feel stiff and scratchy but the extremely high thread counts can be overpriced with little to no noticeable difference. The Miracle Brand’s sheets are right in the sweet spot offering both 350 and 500 count bed sheets. These sheets are made with Supima cotton and infused with natural silver which comes together to make an unbelievable combination, providing soft sheets for every night's sleep. 

Benefits of Sleeping on Soft Sheets

Getting a good night's sleep is a very important part of living a healthy and happy life. If you are experiencing restless nights of tossing and turning low quality and rough sheets could be to blame. The key to a good night's sleep begins with a set of nice soft sheets that you can curl up in at the end of a long day. Having soft sheets could save you several hours of quality sleep translating into a more energy-filled lifestyle. Sheets made of materials such as Supima cotton are one of the most ideal sheets to have as this material has a softness level that is ideal for a good night’s rest. 

What Else Do You Need for a Good Night’s Sleep?

It’s been proven that sleeping in soft sheets with cozy blankets can really get you better sleep, but here are some other tips and tricks that you can try so that you can always sleep through the night and wake up totally well-rested and ready to take on the day:

  • Cool down your bedroom. Experts say that the ideal sleeping temperature is somewhere around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Obviously, this is quite cold! This is why we recommend either blasting the air conditioning at night if you have it or investing in a nice fan to help cool down your bedroom and help you get to sleep and stay asleep. 
  • Stop the late-night snacking (and drinking). In order to prepare yourself for sleeping in your soft sheets, it’s recommended that you don’t eat or drink anything (especially caffeinated) shortly before bedtime. Food and caffeinated drinks literally provide energy for your body -- which is exactly what you don’t want when you’re trying to wind down, relax, and get to sleep quickly. 
  • Eliminate distractions. In the 21st century, there are tons of distractions that can easily prevent us from sleeping properly -- no matter how soft our sheets are! That’s why experts recommend that you totally get rid of all distractions, electronic or otherwise before you start to go to bed. This means no scrolling through social media before bed or watching your favorite television show. In fact, blue light from many of your electronic devices have actually been proven to impact sleep patterns and abilities since it “tricks” your brain into thinking that it’s daytime and that it’s time to be awake. If you must use devices shortly before bed, try using them with blue-light-blocking glasses so that your body isn’t confused about the time of day before going to bed. 

Which Brand Makes the Softest Sheets?

There are lots of brands fighting to get your attention to purchase their sheets. But there is only one brand that comes to mind when thinking of soft and quality sheets. The Miracle Brand offers premium quality sheets that provide both a softness level that will provide a well-rested night and a durability level that will hold up night after night in their Signature and Extra Luxe sheets. The Signature sheets have a soft touch thanks to the premium 350-thread count that is infused with a natural silver. The Miracle Brand Extra Luxe sheet set is a luxuriously soft set of bed sheets that can be accredited to the use of the high-quality material Supima cotton along with the 500-thread count sateen weave. Not only do these sheets provide ultimate softness, but they also come with the bonus of being infused with natural silver. The infusion of natural silver helps to prevent up to 99.9% of bacterial growth. This benefits you by reducing laundry loads and eliminating odors all while providing ultimate comfortability and softness. Furthermore, antibacterial sheets can actually work wonders for your skin by eliminating sources of bacteria that can cause acne and blemishes all over your body. 

How to Keep Your Sheets Soft

Nothing is worse than sleeping on a set of stiff scratchy sheets. If you have sheets that are less than ideal to sleep on you can try this easy trick to soften your sheets. With just a half cup of vinegar and a cup of baking soda in the washing machine, you can soften your stiff sheets right up. It may seem obvious to buy sheets that are soft to the touch but when shopping for sheets you are going to want to look for more than just a high softness level. Quality and durability are amongst the top variables when shopping for new sheets to maintain the softness level day after day. One of the top materials for maintaining softness level over time is Supima cotton.  


Soft quality bed sheets are a must when trying to achieve that well-rested night's sleep that we all desire and that our bodies literally need in order to function properly. Follow our guide to purchasing the softest sheets you can buy and never toss and turn in bed ever again! 

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