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14 Tips On How to Get More Deep Sleep

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Sleep is vital for your physical and mental health and should always be a top priority. Here at Miracle Made, we believe the quality of your day starts with your nights' rest. A good night's rest starts with your bed set. If you don't have quality sheets and pillowcases, you might toss and turn all night, which is no fun. 

Quality sleep is just as important as total sleep time. Make sure you get into REM sleep for at least 20 to 25 percent of your night's rest. You will see a change in your attitude and energy levels. REM sleep (rapid eye movement) presents with flurried eye movements. In NREM sleep, the heart rate and brain waves are slowest during the slow-wave sleep cycle. 

If you've been struggling with getting your Z's in as of recently, then keep reading! We have a few tips that may help you get that much-needed rest. 

How Important Is Sleep?

Before we get into the fun stuff, let's talk about how important sleep really is. Life gets crazy; it can be hard to prioritize your rest between kids, work, and school. Often people don't realize how vital sleep is and what complications can occur if not taken seriously. 

Sleep is a basic human need, just like eating or breathing. Sleep deprivation can be linked to many chronic health issues such as kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and strokes. 

Staying up to binge-watch your favorite series or read a few more chapters in your novel for a few hours is fun but probably not worth it. 

How To Improve Your Sleep: Our Top Tips

Here are some tips to improve your sleep and say goodbye to restless nights. 

#1: Get In the Sun

Being in the sun is crucial to getting a good night's sleep. Your body keeps a natural time-keeping clock known as the circadian rhythm. This clock affects your body, brain, and hormones that affect when you want to sleep and when you want to be awake.

Natural light can help regulate melatonin levels and production (a key player in restful nights and productive days).

#2: Wear Blue Light Glasses at Night 

Decreasing your blue light exposure in the evening can help you fall asleep faster. Smartphones, laptops, and televisions emit unnatural blue light. Too much blue light can affect your body's ability to fall asleep by disrupting your body’s melatonin production and circadian rhythm. 

Blue light glasses are affordable and might be the change to your sleep schedule you've so desperately needed. 

#3: Ditch the Afternoon Coffee

We get it; everyone loves this 3 o'clock pick me up, but if you want to get a good night's sleep, ditch your caffeinated beverage today. Caffeine is used predominantly in the morning to wake us up, right? It has the same effect at night. Tell the coffee and caffeinated tea to get back in the cabinet after 2 pm. 

It might be a tough change at first, but anything will help, even if you need to start by weaning yourself little by little. Give it a few days, and that afternoon caffeine buzz will be a thing of the past, and you'll be sleeping like a baby in no time. 

#4: Try Not To Nap 

Cutting out naps is hard. We know. But, it may be your only option. Napping can seriously disrupt your sleep schedule and your body's natural clock. 

Next time you start to feel sluggish mid-day, instead of napping, try to go for a lunch walk outside. The sunshine will do you good, and something like a walk to wake you up a bit. 

#5: Nighttime Routine 

Having a good nighttime routine is crucial to your night's rest. Of course, this affects others differently. However, if you've never had a nighttime routine in place, maybe you should try it. We think you'll be surprised. 

Envision your evening once you get a good nighttime routine — a hot bath, candles, foot massage, lotion. All the relaxing moments you need to wind you down. 

#6: Be Consistent 

Being consistent with your bedtime and waking up when your alarm goes off is a key part of getting a good night's sleep. Once your body is in a routine, you will fall asleep easier and wake up feeling energized. 

With a consistent sleep routine, you'll realize that afternoon cup-of-joe was never necessary; you just need a few more hours of sweet dreams. 

#7: Comfortable Bed Sheets, Blankets, and Pillows

Having bed sheets and a blanket you love will ensure you're comfy every time you climb onto your mattress. It will give you something to look forward to when your eyelids start to feel a bit heavy, and your blinks start to get a little slower. 

Investing in sheets and a comforter that will keep you clean, comfy, and well-rested should be at the top of your wish list. The best bedding collection is infused with natural silver to prevent odors, keep you cool, and stay stunningly soft for the cozy night of your dreams.

#8: No Wine Tonight

We know your nightly glass of wine is sacred but is it more sacred than your sleep? Any alcohol can affect how you sleep and affect your body going into REM sleep. 

Yes, sometimes, after a night out or a few drinks, you can go right to bed. However, it's the quality of sleep that is the issue. Alcohol is known to cause or increase sleep apnea symptoms, snoring, and disrupted sleep patterns. 

#9: Find Your Ideal Bedroom Temperature 

Whether you sleep hot or cold, knowing your ideal temperature will promote deeper sleep. Nobody likes waking up in the middle of the night sweating profusely or shivering cold. When you go to sleep, your body temperature lowers. A cool room can help put you on the path to getting enough deep sleep.

Sometimes it can be hard to create the perfect climate in our rooms. Luckily, Miracle Sheets and Bundles are here and are cool — literally. With the powers of infused natural silver, Miracle sheets have thermoregulating powers that banish hot and sweaty nights.

Experiment with the thermostat this week and try and figure out which temperature will work best for you. 

#10: No Late-Night Snacking

Late-night snacking can be one of the reasons you can't fall asleep, especially if you're snacking on something on the sweeter side. 

When you eat something high in sugar, it affects your blood sugar. Scientists say this can affect your human growth hormone and melatonin production and release, which can disrupt your sleep-wake cycle.

The quality of these snacks can play a role as well. A slice of chocolate cake has a much different effect on your body than carrot sticks and celery. Also, make sure to avoid heavy meals at least three hours before you jump into bed. 

#11: Try To Relax

After a long day of work, we know it can leave you feeling wired, especially if it was a rather stressful one. Well, as hard as it might feel, we suggest trying to relax during your bedtime routine.

Make a hot cup of tea, click on your favorite chick-flick, cozy up with a warm blanket, and let the giggles flow. Sometimes you just need to turn your brain off. Yes, work and life are stressful, but there are ways you can cope. 

#12: Start an Exercise Routine 

Exercising can improve your sleep exponentially. Not to mention how big of an impact it will have on your overall health as well. 

Exercise is a fantastic solution to help with sleep problems. Daily exercise is great, but steer clear of evening works that are high intensity. These can often leave you feeling more awake. Exercising can increase hormones like epinephrine and adrenaline, which also increases alertness, which is fantastic… but not at 9:30 pm. 

#13: Take a Warm Bath or Shower

Taking a hot bath or shower should instantly relax you and help clear your mind. The hardest parts of falling asleep are getting comfortable and getting yourself to stop thinking. 

Take a moment in your blissful shower to let out all the stressfulness of the day (or week). Don't take any negative energy out of the bathroom with you, and you might have an easier go at falling asleep. 

#14: Steer Clear of Liquids Close to Bedtime

Of course, hydration is vital to your health. But good sleeping habits demand we decrease our water consumption close to bedtime. 

Getting up 100 times in the middle of the night to pee is a hassle and will mess with your carefully-maintained sleep cycle. If you've found yourself in the habit of using the restroom in the middle of the night, cut back your water intake one to two hours before your bedtime

Rest and Repair: Sweet Dreams 

We hope that our solutions to your sleep issues are the ticket to a great night’s rest. Just remember, if your lack of sleep is causing you frustration, try and stay positive, the key is listening to your body. If you are still struggling to find the cure to your sleep woes, reach out to your doctor for advice.

Sleep is essential, but finding what affects your sleep can be tricky sometimes. Honestly, anything can affect your sleep. It's just a matter of being in-tune enough with your body to know what you need to change to fix the issue. Often, it’s as simple as giving yourself some “me time” during the evening hours.

With a little work and some good advice, you can tell the sheep you don’t need to count them anymore. You’re too busy sleeping!


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