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What Is the Best Natural Laundry Detergent In 2022?

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Laundry detergent is necessary and is in every household cabinet. But nowadays, popular detergents can be full of unwanted additives and chemicals. How many of us have put much thought into our laundry detergent beyond adding it to the grocery list? 

The point of laundry detergent is to get your clothes free of dirt and stains. But, what if we were to tell you you want to wash your clothes could potentially be toxic? 

That's right: If you want to avoid using harsh and toxic chemicals in your day-to-day life, then you should consider switching detergent brands.

Here are our suggestions: 

Is Laundry Detergent Toxic? 

The simple answer is yes; most laundry detergents are toxic. Unless marked otherwise, you can expect your laundry detergents to have upwards of 25 toxic chemicals. The most popular ones are the worst — steer clear of any name brands that aren't natural. 

Some don't consider laundry detergent toxics as a real threat as it's just going on your clothes and is washed out anyways. Not quite.

For the longest time, laundry detergents were made out of pure soap, often made by hand. They were harmless. These detergents might not have had the super cleaning powers we expect today, but they were a lot better for our families and the environment. 

Laundry detergent soon transitioned from pure soap to toxic and synthetic chemicals. This was due to an increase in demand for animal fat and lye. Companies began making their synthetic chemicals to produce detergent at a lower price. 

What Are Common Toxins in Detergent? 

Sometimes we use products simply because we've never thought about what the ingredients are or could be. A lot of us have probably been using the same brand of laundry detergent for years. Maybe we chose them because they were in our homes as we grew up. They seem harmless and even familiar or comforting.

Sadly, they might not be. 


Phosphates are added to laundry detergent to help soften the water. But, phosphates can be harmful to and linked to cardiovascular disease. 


Bleach is a common cleaning product in most households. It is often used for white clothes, such as socks, to brighten up the load and remove unwanted stains. If this comes in contact with your skin, eyes, or mouth, it can cause serious irritation.


Believe it or not, formaldehyde is a common ingredient in most laundry detergents. This ingredient is known for its toxic traits and has been linked to increased cancer risks. 

Along with other toxins and the harmful ones listed above, laundry detergents are jam-packed with fragrances and dyes that aren't good for you or your skin, especially for those with allergies.

Not only are most popular laundry detergents possibly harmful to your health, but to the environment too. In a world full of options, it’s time to ditch your old laundry detergent and consider switching over to the natural side.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Natural Detergent?

We are all looking to do our parts in helping keep the environment as healthy and clean as our bathrooms. We know it may seem impossible to make a change, but even just one household (or person) switching up a few simple things can make a world of difference. 

Helping the Environment 

Not only are you helping you and your family's health out, but you're also helping our mother nature. With the environment constantly changing and the world is in disarray regarding how we can help keep our planet clean, switching your laundry detergent can make a huge difference. 

When you buy natural and green products, not only are they free of harmful and toxic chemicals, but they are usually made of recycled plastic too.

These products aren’t just crowding the overflowing landfills. For example, the use of phosphates in detergent leads to water runoff that causes algae to bloom to dangerous levels, wiping the oxygen out of natural waterways. 

It's Better For Your Health 

Your and your family's health is a top priority. Just one look at most laundry detergents containing harmful chemicals, and it's clear they need to go. 

When you use natural laundry detergents, you have peace of mind. You know that what you're putting on your family's clothes doesn't contain harmful chemicals that could harm them or the environment. 

Better For Your Clothes 

Not only is natural detergent better for your health, but it's better for the health of your clothes too. Like these intense chemicals can cause wear and tear on your health and the environment, they can do the same to your clothes. 

Organic or natural laundry detergent is gentler on your clothes, bedding, and towels. When you use high-quality products like Miracle Brand, you want to make sure you are using the best possible laundry detergent too. 

Cleans Better 

You may be scared that switching to natural detergent will result in your clothes being less clean, but it's the contrary. Natural laundry detergents are said to clean your clothes better. 

With popular laundry detergents, it may seem like your clothes are cleaner since the detergent is full of fragrances and dyes, but those are just enhancers. The scent of your clothes has nothing to do with how clean they are. 

Yes, having your clothes smell like lavender is awesome, but what if they aren't as clean, you think? Natural laundry detergents are designed to pull dirt and grime out of your clothes. They do more than just make them smell nice. 

So, What Is the Best Natural Laundry Detergent in 2022?

While we may be biased, we like to think of our laundry detergent as the best. When you're looking for a solid natural laundry detergent, you want there to be as minimal ingredients as possible. 

With Miracle Made laundry detergents, you can expect no more than four key ingredients. Not to mention they're 0 percent plastic waste and extra concentrated for optimal cleaning. 

Our laundry detergent is like no other. It comes in the form of sheets to make it easy on busy folk and our friendly neighborhood (and global) environment.

We've formulated a product that dissolves in hot or cold water, is eco-friendly, and saves space due to innovative packaging. Plus, with sheets, it’s much easier to get the right amount of detergent every time.

Ditch and Switch: Natural Is Here To Stay

Washing laundry isn't probably the most exciting thing in our day-to-day lives. However, trying out new and innovative products can make the process more fun. Plus, doing your laundry feels much better when you know you're helping the environment in return. 

Suppose you’ve swapped out your old bedding and towels for environmentally-friendly bedding and towels powered by all-natural silver with odor and bacteria-fighting properties. That is really only half the battle. To give your bedding and towels the care they deserve, it’s best to wash them in a laundry detergent that is as natural and gentle as they are.

Popular laundry detergents can be harmful and filled with toxic chemicals. With so many harsh chemicals in almost all products nowadays, it can be difficult to know which brands to trust. We're here to tell you not to get down in the dumps about your detergent.

If you've never thought to check your laundry detergent ingredients before purchasing, we've all been there. Now that you know how harmful laundry detergent can be feel free to switch to natural and green detergent! 


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