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Silver has been used for centuries as an antibacterial substance.


Natural Silver Bedding: What They Are and How Do They Work?

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Silver bedding is one of the newest technologies in bedding.

For decades, bedding has stayed the same with no new looks but a change in color and decorative pillow trends, but silver-infused bedding technology has changed the game. It can totally revolutionize the way you think about your duvet cover sets, bedspreads, comforter sets, coverlets, and ruffle bed skirts. It allows you to sleep more comfortably and with more cleanliness than ever before.

What is Silver Bedding?

When you think of silver bedding, you may imagine a shiny silver colored bedding set cascading across your plush quilted mattress, but silver is actually referring to natural silver threads being intertwined into your bed sheet threads. The element of silver has many functions in the natural world and has been shown to be very beneficial in the world of textiles. Silver has been introduced most commonly into activewear where it serves antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, and since has been applied for the same properties to home linens such as the sheet sets, pillowcases, pillow shams, and bath towels offered by Miracle. The silver is carefully weaved in to create a cool and comfortable experience for easy living, while making it just a bit more sanitary, which is especially appreciated in the midst of COVID-19.

How Does It Work?

Silver has been used for centuries as an antibacterial substance. While it has been known to be antibacterial, the function of this was not well understood. While not everything is known about the mechanisms of silver and how it kills bacteria, there is a basic understanding. First, silver has a positive charge and many bacteria have a negative charge, opposites then attract and they are "magnetized" together. Once together, the silver binds with the bacterium's surface and causes damage so that they can not function in the proper way. Eventually, as the cell slowly dies, they are unable to repopulate and therefore the bacterial population is significantly diminished on the surface of the silver bedding. This amazing property makes the benefits of natural silver bedding possible for all to enjoy.

Benefits of Natural Silver Bedding

Low Odor

One of the many benefits of silver fiber bed sets is a decrease in odor. If you experience excessive sweating or drooling, you may have noticed a scent, musk, or odor on your bedding, specifically on white bedding or pillowcases. This unappealing odor is caused by bacteria breaking down your bodily secretions into volatile organic compounds or VOCs. These VOCs emit an odor that may smell sour and trigger you to wash your sheets. With fewer bacteria on your bedding from the silver, you should not experience that same foul odor that you normally do. Now you can experience the sweet smell of sleep and relaxation throughout your ultra-soft Cal king size bed.

Cooler Body Temperature

Many people feel like they "run warm" during the night. No matter how low they turn down the air conditioning or how high they have the fan, it just never satisfies the need to be cool. This extra warmth can impede your ability to get a good night's rest. Experts have suggested that your key body temperature for sleeping should be near 65 degrees Fahrenheit, and if you are warmer, it can make falling and staying asleep more difficult. This can be especially hard to achieve in the summer months when it is warmer than ever outside. Silver sheets actually feel cooler to the touch than the average bedding. Similar to how a spoon feels cold when you touch it, silver bedding does the same. Silver bedding can help to regulate your body temperature while you are sleeping or at rest to minimize distractions and enhance your sleeping pattern.

Decrease Face and Body Acne

Face and body acne can be frustrating and uncomfortable. Many things can be the culprit, including not having the right skincare routine and having dirty sheets. That is right, your dirty microfiber bedding could be the secret to what is causing your acne. You spend at least 7 or 8 hours a day in your bedding sweating, shedding layers of dead skin, secreting oil, and even drooling. All of these bodily secretions create a petri dish for bacteria to grow and thrive. While it may be the perfect home for them, bacteria growth can lead to the formation of acne on your skin. As you know, silver infused bedding linens kill bacteria that could be causing your acne. With the bacteria gone, your skin could be happier than ever. Yes, it could be as simple as changing out your old euro shams and sheet sets for the latest in bedding technology to rid your body of dreaded acne. 

Save Money

With no odor and fewer bacteria, you will have to wash less frequently. No one likes extra laundry, so it is a win-win all around. But, in addition, you will not have to pay for the water and soap for extra loads of laundry. With fewer utilities and fewer products to purchase, you can save money in your home sector and use it in areas that are more fun. In addition to monetarily appealing incentives, washable silver bedding can also be a small step towards decreasing waste and the use of nonrenewable resources. So, silver infused bedding has both health, economic, time, and environmental benefits to offer you and your home.

Do the Effects Wear Off?

Naturally, you may consider if the effects of the silver will wear off. You would not want to invest in a product like silver sheets if they are not going to work a year or two down the line. Luckily, Miracle's best-seller products have been tested to ensure the effects are not minimized by washing, plus they won't max out your credit card! They were washed 25, 50, 75, and 100 times and were tested to see if they were still effective. They were still 99.9% effective after all washes. You can feel confident that you are making a smart long term investment for your health, world, and wallet.

Silver bedding is not as difficult to understand as you may have thought originally. It is simply silver fibers woven into your hypoallergenic cotton sateen bedding that decreases bacteria counts, works to decrease your body temperature, and even saves you time and money in the long run. You also are able to feel good about your purchase knowing that Miracle's high-quality bedding collections will keep these effects wash after wash, features sizes that fit California king beds, king beds, queen beds, full beds, and twin beds, and high thread counts for ultimate comfort. You can then top these amazing sheet sets and pillowcases with your favorite coverlet set, cotton duvet cover, or even a reversible comforter set with all the throw pillows your heart desires for a bedroom that feels good, smells good, and gives you peace of mind.

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