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When you sleep, your face is in constant contact with your pillowcase, so if the pillowcase is full of bacteria it will most likely be transferred to your facial skin.


Natural Silver Pillow Cases: What Are They and How do They Work?

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Natural silver pillowcases are a newer technology on the market. While it may seem odd to be sleeping with metal in your pillow cases, rest assured it's not as weird as it seems. Silver has been used in mirrors, jewelry, and electronics for decades, but now it has found a new purpose in textiles. In textiles technology, silver is able to provide many benefits to your comfort and safety. So, what are these natural silver pillowcases and how do they work? Below are the answers to all of your questions on silver and its amazing antibacterial properties.

What are Natural Silver Pillow Cases?

Natural silver pillow cases might not be what you are thinking. They are just like a regular pillowcase, but with fibrous strands of the metal silver weaved throughout it to provide amazing benefits. Some of the most annoying things about pillowcases are solved with antibacterial silver pillowcases. You have less odor, clearer skin, and you will get a cooling sensation when the silver pillowcase touches your skin cells. The silver fibers are incorporated ingeniously into the pillowcase so that you do not even know they are there, but they are giving you up to 99.9 percent decrease in the bacteria on your pillowcase.

How Does the Silver Get in The Fabric?

You may be wondering how exactly you can get a metal to turn into a pillowcase. Well, it is not just like a silver ring or necklace that is being thrown into the sheet set. Silver is a very malleable and ductile element because of its soft nature and metallic properties. Ductile means that the metal is able to be drawn out into a thin wire, which is essentially what the silver threads are. They are extremely fine silver wires or threads that can be weaved just like any fiber like cotton or polyester. It truly is amazing how the whole process works. For Miracle pillowcases, the silver fibers are created in North Carolina, United States (USA). After the silver fibers are drawn out, they are shipped to India to be spun and incorporated into the rest of the premium fibers to create the pillowcase.

The Antibacterial Properties

Silver history dates back to 3000 BC for medicinal purposes. For centuries, silver has been used as an antibacterial in ointments and creams for antibacterial purposes in general. While pure silver is used less frequently medicinally, nowadays natural silver is being placed in activewear and home goods for the same purposes. Silver positive ions have the ability to attract bacteria and attach to their surface. Once attached to the surface, the silver can penetrate into the cell and alter its genetic makeup, the DNA. This change in DNA causes the bacteria to malfunction and ultimately die. By killing the bacteria and making it unable to reproduce and multiply, the silver successfully decreases the colonies of bacteria on any silver-incorporated material.

Benefits of Silver Pillow Cases

Silver ion pillowcases have many benefits resulting from the natural properties of silver. Just some of the many can be to reduce your acne, reduce unwanted odors, and to sleep cooler at night. Miracle’s natural silver pillowcases come in the option of percale and sateen so you can choose what best fits your style. There is also a signature and extra luxe set so you can customize exactly what you need, with varying thread counts.

Reduce Your Acne

Acne and blemishes are caused by a number of things, one being a buildup of bacteria in your pores. When you sleep, your face is in constant contact with your pillowcase, so if the pillowcase is full of bacteria it will most likely be transferred to your facial skin. This in turn leads to an increase of acne. So much bacteria gets on your pillowcase in the first place from all of the bodily fluids that you secrete such as drool, sweat, and oil. The acne-causing bacteria is attracted to this, so it is a vicious cycle once you form facial acne that comes into contact with your pillow. To try and combat this, natural silver anti-acne pillowcases can reduce the bacteria on your pillows that could be affecting your skin health. You can also work with your specialist in dermatology or your dermatologist to create a skin care routine specific to your personal information to reduce breakouts even further.

Reduce the Odor

Where bacteria goes, odor follows. As mentioned previously, the drool, oil, dead skin, and sweat attract the bacteria. But why? These secretions have proteins in them that can provide the bacteria with sustenance to survive. As the bacteria break down the proteins, they create by products called volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These compounds let off a foul odor that can be assaulting to your nostrils. Imagine walking into a teenage boy’s room and getting hit with that smell--yup, it is all bacteria. This in turn makes you have to clean your pillowcases and bedding much more often, which can definitely be a hassle.

Sleep Cooler

Being hot at night can make you toss and turn. Our bodies work and sleep best in a very specific temperature range, so being too hot can wake you up and to try to get you to adjust your sleeping arrangements. Sometimes overheating is due to the material of your bedding. Perhaps you have a duvet cover and flannel bed sheets--of course you will be sweating through the night! But, your body could just also “run hot.” In either case, silver sheets and a satin pillowcase could help. Just like if you were to touch a silver watch on the counter and it was cold, the sheets have a similar cooling effect. 

Miracle does not only offer Supima cotton pillowcases. There are also hypoallergenic sheets and towels that offer the same great benefits, with all of the standard sizes. You can even purchase a bundle set to keep both your bedroom and bathroom in check for bacteria. You can also feel confident that with these machine washable cotton sheets and pillowcases, wash after wash (not with chlorine bleach), the effectiveness of your products will not be diminished and they will continue to offer amazing benefits. Natural silver has come a long way since 3000 BC, and the technologies will just continue to be developed. Who would've thought that a few silver threads in your pillowcases could do so much for you!

Did you know?

When you sleep, your face is in constant contact with your pillowcase, so if the pillowcase is full of bacteria it will most likely be transferred to your facial skin.


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