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Selecting the Best Sheets for Comfort

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When it comes to sheets, you obviously want something extremely comfortable that will help you easily drift off to sleep every night. That being said, since there are so many different options out there for sheets, trying to determine which ones are really the most comfortable can seem quite challenging. This is especially true if you are shopping online since it’s not like you can physically feel the sheets to see how comfortable they are. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be an impossible or even a challenging process! Selecting the best sheets for comfort can be an easy and realistic accomplishment. Read on to find out more. 

What Is the Most Comfortable Material for Sheets?

Far and away, the most comfortable material for sheets is definitely cotton. That being said, not all cotton is the same -- so just because you’re buying cotton sheets doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be super comfortable. Short-staple varieties of cotton are generally less comfortable and soft, are of a lower quality, and come at lower price points. Long-staple varieties of cotton, on the other hand, are extremely comfortable and soft since they are of a higher quality. This also means that they will end up costing you more. That being said, it’s totally worth the investment for extremely comfortable sheets that you’ll look forward to crawling into each day. 

The best type of long-staple cotton is definitely Supima cotton. Supima cotton is a superior type of cotton that is grown in the United States. This type of cotton only makes up less than 1% of all the cotton grown in the entire world -- so it’s really the best of the best when it comes to soft and comfortable sheets. 

Are Silver-Infused Sheets Comfortable?

When you first hear the term “silver-infused sheets” it makes sense that you would automatically assume that this material can’t possibly be comfortable. After all, silver is cold and hard -- why would you want those qualities in your sheets? As it turns out, silver-infused sheets actually contain small amounts of silver so that you won’t be able to tell the difference in terms of comfort. Miracle Brand’s sheets, for example, are made up of 5% silver-infused fibers while the rest of the 95% is made up of classic cotton fibers. So when you’re looking at the best sheets for comfort, make sure to check out the material that makes up the bulk of the product to get a good idea about what it will actually feel like. 

But why would you even consider buying silver-infused sheets in the first place? Why not just buy your typical sheets without this type of fiber? Silver actually has antibacterial properties so when you add it to your sheets, they are then able to kill 99.9% of bacteria within the fabric that tends to occur thanks to dirt, oils, and sweat from your body. Thanks to science, silver has positive ions that are able to attract bacteria and germ particles like a magnet -- effectively removing them from your sheets and preventing them from reproducing, spreading, and wreaking havoc on your body -- inside and out. 

Does Thread Count Matter for Comfortable Sheets?

A lot of people assume that thread count is the end-all-be-all when it comes to finding comfortable sheets. However, that’s not necessarily the case! When it comes to buying comfortable sheets, try to stick with a thread count that’s between 300 and 500. Anything below 300 will not really be comfortable and will be quite stiff and scratchy. This is obviously not what you want in your sheets! However, you also don’t really need anything over 500 either -- at that point, you’re really just wasting money because these sheets can be super expensive. So before you decide that you won’t settle for anything less than 1,000 in thread count, you may want to reconsider your qualifications. As long as the sheets are well-made with quality material, like Supima cotton, the thread count is a less important factor in terms of comfortability. 

The Most Comfortable and Clean Sheets

If you are looking for the most comfortable and clean sheets out there, look no further than Miracle Brand’s line of bedsheets. The Miracle Brand uses silver-infused technology within their sheets to help eliminate 99.9% of bacteria from the material. This translates into cleaner sheets over time that can go three times longer without washing when compared with normal sheets. Since experts recommend that you wash regular sheets every one to two weeks, this means that Miracle Brand’s sheets only need to be washed every three to six weeks! Plus, they never ever smell bad! Finally, silver-infused fibers can also help to benefit your skin by eliminating bacteria that commonly cause breakouts on your face, chest, back, and shoulders. 

The Miracle Brand offers two different types of sheet sets: the Signature and the Extra Luxe. If you are looking for a more cost-effective option, then the Signature set is going to be your best bet. These 350-thread count sheets are made with cotton and silver fibers that are super soft and breathable. On the other hand, if you’re looking for the best of the best, then the Extra Luxe set is the one for you! These 500-thread count sheets are made with high-quality USA-grown Supima cotton that rivals some of the best types of cotton in the entire world. These sheets also contain 5% silver-infused threads and a sateen weave for a product that is super luxurious, smooth, and silky on your skin. Both of these sets come with a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two standard-sized pillowcases. They are available in sizes ranging from twin to king and three different colors, including stone gray, sky blue, and classic white to fit any bedroom color scheme. 

How to Keep Your Sheets Comfortable Long-Term

Just because you start out with soft and comfortable sheets doesn’t necessarily mean that they will automatically stay that way. In order to maintain the amazing feel of your sheets, you have to take care of them properly. By keeping up with the care of your sheets, you can ensure that they will feel comfortable and smooth well into the future. Here are some sheet care tips to follow to keep your sheets feeling as amazing as they did the day you bought them:

  • Wash your sheets regularly. Experts recommend that you wash them somewhere between every week to every two weeks. Silver sheets can be washed less, however. 

  • Deep clean your sheets every so often. Even if you think that simply washing your sheets will do the trick, it’s still a good idea to deep clean them whenever they get a little bit questionable. You can use things like Borax, baking soda, white vinegar, or even lemon juice to restore life and comfort into your sheets. 

  • Dry your sheets properly. Drying sheets on high heat can cause them to wear out and become less soft. Instead, you should tumble dry on low heat or even hang them up to dry naturally outside! 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, selecting the best sheets for comfort doesn’t have to be difficult! All it takes is a little bit of research and effort on your end to find the best sheets for you. And when it comes to the best comfortable sheets, you really need to check out the Miracle Brand’s line of sheets for top-of-the-line comfort that will instantly transport you to a five-star hotel the minute you slide into them after a long day. 


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