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Did you know?

Your towels and sheets are far dirtier than the average toilet seat.


The Hidden Truth about Home Linens

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We all love luxurious and comfortable linens. How come we don’t love clean ones?

That’s what we asked ourselves a year ago. We discovered that bacteria happens to double every 20 minutes on home linens, and most people don’t wash them nearly as frequently as they should. Everyone is concerned about the quality of their sheets, and the softness of their towels -- why doesn’t anyone talk about cleanliness or hygiene?

What we realized was, most people aren’t truly aware of how dirty their linens are.

Your towels and sheets are far dirtier than the average toilet seat. In fact, 90% of towels contain sickness-causing bacteria.

Did you know that one of the leading causes of acne is bacteria from your pillow case?

So What’s Causing the Bacteria Growth?

Your towels and sheets feed off of the dead skin particles from your body, causing bacterial growth. For towels specifically, it’s even worse because of the longevity of the bacteria: towels retain moisture, giving bacteria the perfect environment to survive and grow. Couple that with the fact that towels tend to be in the most germ-ridden parts of your house -- bathrooms and kitchens -- and you’ve got a recipe for bacteria breeding.

It’s time for a change.

At Miracle, we wanted you to not only have linens that are luxurious and comfortable, but also sustainable and clean. By combining traditional linen manufacturing processes with innovative advances in textiles, we’ve created a high-quality, premium cotton that’s infused and embedded with a hint of pure and natural silver.

What Fabrics Do We Use?

We use some of the highest quality cotton in the world to ensure that we provide you with premium products. With USA-grown Supima cotton and high-quality Turkish cotton, our products bridge the gap between clean & comfortable.

Why Silver? 

Silver acts as a repelling agent for microbial growth, and so rather than growing bacteria, our towels & sheets kill it. No chemicals, no hidden secrets. Pure. Natural. Silver.

At Miracle, our team is committed to bringing health and safety to the forefront of the textile industry without compromising quality and comfort.

Together, we’ll redefine home linens.

Did you know?

Your towels and sheets are far dirtier than the average toilet seat.

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