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Natural silver was discovered back in 3000 BC in Turkey and Greece.


Benefits of Natural Silver: The Complete Guide

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You have heard that your jewelry does contain silver, and even that it is in electronics, but silver has been introduced into other markets as well and has been shown to have some amazing effects.

Natural silver is a natural element and metal with the atomic symbol Ag on the periodic table, with the atomic number of 47 and an atomic weight of 107 u. It is a precious metal that is found in the Earth's crust and can be utilized for many of its properties, including conductivity, high reflectivity, and antibacterial. Silver comes in many forms including argentite silver, silver halide, silver sulfide (Ag2s), acanthite, sterling silver, galena silver, silver crystals, silver nuggets, native silver, and pure silver. Natural silver is also very malleable, meaning that it can be easily flattened and even rolled into silver wires and threads for the introduction into fabrics. Natural silver also has other physical properties including ductility, luster, high specific gravity, and has a high melting point. So, what is natural silver, and what are its amazing benefits? 

What is Natural Silver?

Natural silver was discovered back in 3000 BC in Turkey and Greece. Today, the countries that produce the most silver are Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, and China. South America has many silver deposits and is very popular for silver production.

Nowadays, silver is commonly used in jewelry, mirrors, electronics, batteries, dental alloys, and in textiles in the new world. Silver, even with stable isotopes, is also known to easily tarnish from its reaction with hydrogen sulfide. You may have noticed your silver jewelry easily being turned darker or that you need to frequently polish and clean your silver. This is because the metal is being oxidized.

While silver is great for many things, it should not be ingested. Ingestion of too much silver can cause argyria, which leads to your skin turning a grey color as a byproduct. Silver is a positively charged particle, which plays a role in some of its benefits.

Uses of Natural Silver

One of the most common uses of silver is to make mirrors. Because silver is so reflective, it is used to create mirrors. To do so, a thin layer of silver is sprayed or poured onto a sheet of glass. Over time, a mirror can tarnish just like silver jewelry because of silver's ability to be easily oxidized and tarnished. Another common use of silver is in jewelry and silverware. It is more commonly used because it is less expensive than other metals such as gold or platinum because of how soft it is. Although it is a precious metal, it is more easily tarnished, scratched, and dented because of the softness of the metal.

As time has continued, natural silver has delved into the world of garments and textiles like the sheets and towels created by Miracle. These fabrics have natural silver weaved into the fabric to present amazing benefits such as fewer bacteria, less odor, less acne, and even less laundry to do. The natural silver has antibacterial properties that can naturally kill common bacteria that cause issues for humans. 

Benefits of Natural Silver in Textile

Including natural silver in textiles has been a recent discovery in the past century. They have been incorporated into fabrics for gloves, underwear, activewear, and of course, linens for the home. The great thing about silver in textiles is you don't even know that it's there, it's just secretly creating all of these amazing benefits for you. The most common reasons they are included in fabrics are for antibacterial properties, anti-radiation properties, and to increase technological compatibility. They do all of this through the natural properties that silver possesses.

Less Acne

Acne forms on the faces and bodies of many, but where does it come from? Acne is mostly caused by three factors: hormones, excess oil, and bacteria. With acne from bacteria, the skin becomes blocked by the bacteria, which then causes acne. Also, when your pores become full of oil and debris, it becomes the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. The common thing you may think about with preventing and treating acne is by washing your face and applying ointments and creams, but if you have that and it is not working, you may want to turn to your bed. That is right, your bed, more specifically your pillowcases and sheets, which can become the perfect growth plate for bacteria. Silver-infused bedding kills the bacteria on your pillow so that you are not lying in it night after night. Of course, your bed is still a place that can collect dead skin cells, dirt, and oil from your skin, so you will still need to wash it, just not as much.

 Less Odor

Odor is a deal-breaker, especially when it comes to towels, sheets, and activewear. You already know that bacteria can cause odor, but how? When bacteria come in contact with body fluids such as sweat, they begin to break it down. They break down the proteins in the fluids, which results in acids called volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that have a scent to them. These volatile organic compounds are nothing to be worried about, but you probably do not want them lingering around on your textiles. These can be simply washed away in the washing machine, but it can be annoying to have to do that so often. Silver fabrics are antibacterial, so they reduce and stop the odor before it happens. With no bacteria to break down the proteins, you will not have to worry about the odor that comes along with it. Less odor means less laundry as well, which is definitely a plus.

Less Laundry

You know what it is like to get out of the shower, reach for the towel, and you are hit by a stench. The towel clearly needs to be washed and you do not want to place that towel near your nose, let alone your skin. But what causes this odor? Sure, it could be that your spouse decided to use it for the dog, but the most probable cause is that bacteria has been growing on your towel and it needs to be sanitized. Because natural silver has anti-odor and antibacterial properties, your towel will stay fresh for longer, meaning you will have to do less laundry. That is one less thing you have on your to-do list ,and not to mention, an incredibly eco-friendly habit as well. With less laundry to do and less worrying about your towel's cleanliness, you will be able to focus on the other things in your life that bring you joy. This can also significantly decrease your water usage and water bill, which makes these silver infused textiles totally worth it.

Cooling Properties

Imagine touching a spoon that has been sitting in your kitchen drawer. It most likely feels cool against your skin because it is a metal. While it will not feel like an ice cube, your silver infused sheets and towels will have the same effect. Natural silver fibers in fabric emit a cooling property that makes you feel comfortable throughout the day or night. When it comes to sleeping, many people experience increased heat that can come from their body or from their bedding, which is often made from a heat retaining fabric like down, wool, or flannel. Silver bedding is perfect for those that share a bed or are easily overcome by heat throughout the night. Silver sheets help keep the body cool and comfortable through the night so you can have a good night's rest. That’s why Miracle won the “Best Cooling Sheets” award from!

Best Cooling Sheets

Technology Compatibility

Do you remember the first time that you were in a store and saw touch screen compatible gloves? You may have tried them on and proceeded to try it out for yourself, only to be left in astonishment. How could something so clever be possible? Why has no one thought of this before? And I need to buy one of these may have been something that crossed your mind. This touch screen technology compatibility is possible because silver fibers are woven in through the tips of the gloves. Because silver is conductive, the touch screen will work as usual while your fingers are kept warm and toasty. No more taking off your gloves in the cold weather to touch your phone thanks to silver.

Protection Against Radiation

Radiation is all around us. It can come from the sun, microwaves, electronics, and even UV lamps in your home. Radiation can cause many problems to your health, one of the most prominent ones being skin cancer. The radiation creates dysfunction in the skin's DNA, which leads to mutations and eventually cancer. A common way to prevent this radiation from reaching your skin is sunscreen. But, the radiation inside your home can't always be avoided. Natural silver nanoparticles have been found to protect the human skin from radiation, specifically UVB radiation. Radiation protection from silver is a great attribute, especially when used in fabrics in activewear and towels, and any fabric that is used outside.

Wow, who knew that natural silver could be so amazing? Natural silver is an element that is naturally found on the Earth, and through the power of human innovation and science, it has been able to positively impact the lives of millions. Also, after centuries of using silver for the same items in electronics and home goods, it was still able to permeate into the garment industry to have even more benefits. These silver infused fabrics have been revolutionary in providing antibacterial protection, decreased radiation permeability, and technological advances in the garment and textiles industry.

Who knows what might be the next benefit and function of silver to be discovered!

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