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We Set Out to Redefine Home Linens

Our Story

Our Story

We were shocked to learn about the vast amount of bacterial growth in our sheets and towels after just one use. These products have the most contact with our skin, yet they are some of the most bacteria-infested items in our homes. After going through 18 months of rigorous research and development, we took matters into our own hands.

We set out to redefine the home linen industry.

We founded Aloft Home because we wanted our linens to not only be luxurious and comfortable, but also sustainable, clean, and affordable.

Committed to providing you with responsible, eco-friendly products, we partnered with factories that meet the highest standards in the industry. All of our products are Oeko-Tex certified, so they are free of all harmful synthetics and chemicals to ensure you are using the safest, most sustainable products.

At Aloft Home, our team is making health and safety pillars of the textile industry without compromising quality, comfort, and affordability.

Join us in redefining home linens.

-Ahad Arif, Founder & CEO


Fresh Linens. Everyday.

The home linens industry has been stagnant with little-to-no innovation for decades. Advanced technology has been used for linens in safety industries, professional sports teams, and research labs -- however, this change has been lacking in the home linens space.

Using advanced manufacturing technology, we combine our premium cotton fabrics with a hint of silver fiber to prevent 99.9% of bacterial growth. Unlike typical antibacterial and anti-odor treatments, which last 5-10 washes, our silver fiber permanently protects the product for life.



We use some of the highest-quality cotton grown on Earth. You can now sleep and shower with the softest, most durable products available. Guaranteed.

Supima Bedding: Our sateen-weave products consist of 100% USA-grown Supima Cotton, the world’s most premium cotton. Supima is made of extra-long staple fiber, leading to a softer and more luxurious sleep.

Core Bedding: Our percale-weave products consist of high-quality, long-staple cotton to give you a cool, crisp, and comfortable sleep.

Towels: For centuries, Turkey has been known for its soft and absorbent cotton. We chose the best material so that we can create towels that form a breed of luxury, durability, and absorbency.

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