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How Often Should You Shower?

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Shower protocol can be a touchy subject, as nobody wants their personal hygiene to be the topic of discussion. But the truth is, if you shower more than a few times a week, you might be showering more than you have to.

People shower to cleanse themselves and refresh their appearance. However, too many showers can strip the body of the natural oils that we need to remain healthy and moisturized. 

What Happens If You Don’t Shower Enough? 

The result of not showering enough can be pretty stinky. As bacteria, germs, dead skin cells, and sweat buildup on your skin and hair, you may start to accumulate a pretty unpleasant smell. 

Plus, while natural oils are good for your skin, too much oil sitting for too long can lead to breakouts and other skin issues. Not showering enough can be especially bad for individuals with sensitive skin. 

What Happens When You Shower Too Much? 

While there is nothing more relaxing than a warm shower with a freshly washed Supima cotton towel to finish it off, you don’t need a daily shower.

We understand those with a high showering frequency probably don’t want to hear it, but washing your body every day might not be great for your hair or skin health (and can even affect your immune system.)

Showering too often can strip the protective layer of oil from your skin, leaving it drier than you’d like. Luckily, you can avoid skin dryness by implementing a solid post-shower skincare routine, avoiding extremely hot water, and showering less often. 

If you must shower every day, we suggest using gentle soap or fragrance-free body wash on your skin (if any soap at all) and staying in for a maximum of five minutes. Keep it short and sweet. 

It’s also important to gently use exfoliating materials like loofahs or washcloths to help remove dead skin cell buildup.

Can You Really Shower Too Much? 

Showering as often as possible isn’t always the best option. 

When people suffer from flaking and dry skin, a dermatologist may look into their shower regimen and cleansing products. When the skin is repeatedly exposed to harsh chemicals, hot water, and cleansing products, it can interfere with the natural oils. This can result in dry, dull, and itchy skin. 

Even if you’re keen on applying lotion, it’s important to practice good skin hygiene to support your skin’s natural function. This includes limiting your showers.

How Many Times Should You Shower Per Week? 

There is no perfect number of showers per week. People may have different activity levels, live in different climates, and even have different skin conditions and skin types. The average person showers two to three times a week

Essentially, you should shower when you’ve been sweating, when you get a whiff of body odor, or if you’ve been in the hot sun all day. 

For most, two to three times a week is plenty to maintain healthy skin and hair. However, if you work a strenuous job or spend a lot of time outside, you may need to up your frequency to avoid fungal infections and other types of skin infections.

How Long Should You Shower? 

Exposing your skin and hair to heat for long periods of time can lead to irritation. In other words, the longer your showers are, the higher the chance your hair and skin may dry out, leading to potential flare-ups of itchiness. 

While everyone needs a nice long shower every once in a while, you should shoot for three to five minutes for your normal showers, making sure to mainly focus on your “trouble areas.” These are the groin, armpits, feet, and face. 

Once those are adequately cleaned, you can be less involved everywhere else. The average length of a shower is under eight minutes, which makes three to five pretty realistic.

How Often Should You Wash Your Towels? 

Washing your towels is equally as important as washing yourself. If your towel isn’t clean, your shower was basically pointless. Like your comforters and bedding, you should wash your towels multiple times a week. 

Unless you have silver-infused, antibacterial towels, you should wash them after every other use to avoid bacteria and germ buildup. 

How To Optimize Your Shower Experience 

If you’re cutting your showers down to two to three times per week, you’ll want to make the most of them! 

There are tons of ways you can maximize your shower experience. For instance, your cleansing products and shower routine can make or break your shower. Luckily, we’ve compiled a guide of useful tips, tricks, and products that will leave you feeling relaxed, pampered, and ready to tackle the day (or night).

Use Shampoo and Conditioner 

Hair is an accessory organ that comes from the epidermis. If your skincare is a priority, so is your hair care. Many hair products are packed full of harmful chemicals and ingredients that can, in actuality, cause damage to your hair. 

Make sure to always read the ingredients before using a shampoo or condition on your luscious locks. Ingredients that aren’t great for your hair include parabens, diethanolamine (DEA), triethanolamine (TEA), and formaldehyde. These can be found in popular shampoo and conditioner products. 

Instead, opt for natural products that won’t leave your hair dry and damaged. 

Use a Gentle Cleanser 

Your skin is an organ, and no matter how durable it may seem, you should treat it with some TLC as often as possible. Using a gentle cleanser can help keep your skin looking moisturized and vibrant. 

Keep the Water Cool 

Shower temperature is a personal preference, and while some people prefer their showers to be steaming hot, scalding water is not always the best option. After the water reaches the temperature of 105 degrees Fahrenheit, it can be detrimental to your skin's health. We suggest using warm water that’s 98 degrees or lower.

Extra hot showers aren’t necessary and can dry out your skin. Instead, use warm water and leave your shower feeling refreshed and silky-soft.

Hang Eucalyptus in Your Shower

Hanging a eucalyptus plant in your shower can leave you and your shower smelling ever so fresh, not to mention the other potential benefits.

As the steam rises and wets the eucalyptus, the scent and natural oils will infuse the air, similar to a diffuser with essential oil drops added. The overall effect can be calming, relaxing, and even invigorating.

Consider a Shower Steamer 

Shower steamers infuse the steam of your shower with a relaxing and decongesting scent. Whether you want clarity, energy, or calmness, there’s a shower steamer for you.

We’ve all used bath bombs before; well, shower steamers are similar — they’re just made for those who prefer a relaxing shower over a bath. Bath bombs add a layer of luxury and richness to a simple soak, just like shower steamers do to a shower. 

Keep It Clean

Showers are undoubtedly relaxing. They can help you conquer the day or get snug for the night. Since you should probably only enjoy a shower a few times a week, that’s all the more reason to make them extra special. 

Your shower should embody the luxury and relaxation you deserve, and your products must be on point. Don’t settle for basic drug-store cleansers and products; give your hair and skin the quality they want.


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