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How To Fold a Pillowcase: The Easiest Way

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You love your bedding — it’s beautiful, soft, and guides you to a restful dreamland. Yet, no matter how much you love your bedding, maybe folding laundry isn’t how you want to celebrate your weekend.

Even still, spending a Sunday afternoon catching up on laundry is always a great way to end the weekend and start the week. Waking up on a sunny Monday morning supported by a great night’s sleep is the perfect way to start your week off on the right side of the bed (literally).

Not only is it important, but we are here to say that folding laundry can be kind of fun!

People often say that the hardest part of laundry is folding the fitted sheet. While they’re not wrong, folding pillowcases is an art of its own.

Let's talk about a few simple folding techniques and which one we think is the easiest.

How Often Should You Wash Pillowcases?

Need a fresh start? Let's start with washing your bedding.

Washing bedding is essential. Dirty bedding can negatively impact allergies, skin, and even sleep. The culprit isn’t one you can see with your naked eye — your bed collects a lot of bacteria, dead skin cells, dust mites, and germs. So, you should wash traditional sheets, pillowcases, and comforters at least once a week.

Here’s the time-saving good news: If you have antibacterial bedding, you can expect three times less laundry. This you'll only have to worry about folding your pillowcases once a month — woohoo!

How To Wash Pillowcases

We suggest using a high-quality, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic detergent when you wash your laundry. If you don't have a high-quality detergent, it may damage your clothes while still not managing to get the deepest clean.

What Is Antibacterial Bedding?

Our goal is to ensure you're adequately informed, so if you've never heard of antibacterial bedding and its benefits, we'd like to take a minute to explain.

If you are already cocooned in antimicrobial bedding, awesome! Feel free to skip ahead to our go-to pillowcase folding techniques.

Antibacterial Explained

The point of antibacterial (or antimicrobial) linens is to slow (or stop) the spread of bacteria. In fact, your bathroom towels are predicted to be the dirtiest thing in your home (even right after a wash).

Bacteria and germs tend to latch onto your bathroom towels and clothes. When you use antibacterial bedding and bath towels, you can expect to stop or slow the spread of infectious bacteria and germs while controlling odor, benefiting your overall health and wellbeing.

Antimicrobial products are self-sanitizing, which means less laundry for you (bonus pro).

What Are the Best Pillowcases?

Before folding our pillowcases, we first need to talk about the wind beneath our wings (or the pillowcase beneath our heads).

Here are the details on our favorite pillowcases of all time:

Just like with the rest of your bedding, we always suggest using hypoallergenic everything, including pillows. Hypoallergenic materials can help you get a deeper sleep by keeping allergens at bay, but they may even help your skin clean and bacteria-free.

The feel of your pillowcase is so important —- you spend a lot of your life sleeping (about 26 years), so you want a pillowcase that you (and your skin) love.

We recommend our 500-thread count Supima cotton pillowcases — for the best night's sleep possible. Luxury cars, luxury homes, and luxury clothes are all fine and good, but we are here to say that luxury pillowcases take the cake.

Pillowcase Folding Techniques

When folding bedding, pillowcase, and towels, the main goal is to ensure the fold looks nice while saving as much closet space as possible.

Of course, the fold you prefer will depend on your style and linen space, so we're going to give you a few options.


For ideal results, you'll need a few extra materials.

Miracle Made Pillowcase

Clean, flat surface


Ironing board

These few gadgets will make your job much easier.

Space Saver Technique

This technique is easy and will save you the most space in your linen closet:

Step one: lay flat

Before anything else, lay your pillowcase on a flat and clean surface 

Step two: Iron

Ironing your pillowcase ensures there are no wrinkles once you decide to use them, and it always helps get a cleaner fold.

Step three: fold into thirds

Take your freshly washed and ironed pillowcase and fold it into thirds, lengthwise. Your pillowcase will look like a skinny rectangle if you've done this correctly.

Step four: fold in half, twice

Take that skinny rectangle and fold it in half twice. Your pillowcase should now look like a tiny square cloth.

Since pillowcases are so thin, it's easy to fold them very small. This technique may not be the most aesthetically pleasing, but it's worth the space it saves.

For Square Pillowcases

Not all pillowcases are made equally —- or are the same shape and size. Just as some pillowcases can be of higher quality than others, they also vary in size.

Here is our go-to technique if you have a square pillowcase that is a total pain to fold (just right):

Step one: lay pillowcase flat

All techniques will start with laying your pillowcase flat.

Step two: fold in half

Now, fold the case in half from top to bottom (not long ways).

Step three: fold longways

Once you have your pillowcase folded in half, you can begin folding it longways. As you fold it up the long way, you will see the pillowcase take the shape of a square, similar to your last fold.

For Body Pillowcases

Body pillowcases can be tricky to fold as they have more fabric than your traditional pillow, but here's how to suggest you fold this pillowcase shape.

Step one: start flat

Just like the other two techniques, lay your pillowcase out flat.

Step two: meet ends in the middle

Instead of folding your pillowcase in half, meet the two ends in the middle. Your pillowcase should appear as a skinny rectangle.

Step three: fold in half, twice

Take your now skinny rectangle and fold it in half twice over. Your rectangle should transform into a perfect square.

Always iron before you fold. This will ensure each of your folds is precise, leaving you with the best fold possible.

We feel you'll find a new love for folding after trying these techniques; there is something so satisfying about perfectly folded bedding. Plus, after that, you will have more room to store your towels, comforters, and other household necessities.

Each pillowcase size will require a different approach, and the main goal is to get the cleanest fold while saving the most linen space. These three techniques are the easiest and most reliable.

Neat and Clean

By now, you’re an expert in folding pillowcases. Nothing can stand in your way now — not fitted sheets or even the most complicated towel animals. It’s not a miracle; it’s Miracle Made.

Your bedding is a big part of your room (and life), so you should always make sure you’re prioritizing your wash (and fold) days.


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