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How To Create Towel Animal: Step-By-Step

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Whether you’re frantically surfing the web on how to create animal towels to impress your in-laws or if you’re doing it strictly for your own eyes to enjoy, we promise you’re going to be surprised at how easy they are to create.

Animal towels are great for tons of reasons. They add a bit of jazz to your bathroom, and they make everything (and everyone) look more put together. Not to mention, if you have any kiddos, they get a kick out of these furry friends too. Even your adult guests will be delighted by a sweet towel animal sitting amongst the guest bathroom decor.

The Supplies

The first step to having up to par bath towel animals is by starting with some solid bath towels. They need to be big enough to handle all the folds and soft and fluffy enough to hold their shape. For a dash of whimsy, grab your sunglasses and pop them on the towel animal’s sweet little face.

You can make a lot of animals with just one big towel, but some of the more intricate ones require a few towels or a towel and a couple of washcloths. 

Some animal shapes may require a rubber band or hair tie too. But, anything they require should be sitting around the house anyway. The only thing you’ll need to grab is an Antibacterial Towel

Whether you are going to towel off after a long soak or make a cute little towel animal, you want to make sure you’re using high-quality materials. (Especially if the towel is going from “little rabbit” to “drying off after the shower.”) 

Let’s Get To Folding

Folding laundry is no fun, which is why we suggest making a fun activity out of it. Making towel animals is a great way to take up some time during your lazy Sunday, and the results are totally worth it.

Towel Snake 

A towel snake is the best towel fold for most beginners. The materials are minimal, and the folds are super easy. 

Step One: Take your Miracle Brand Towel, and fold two corners until they meet in the middle. 

Step Two: Fold one long edge into the middle. 

Step Three: Start with the long edge closest to you, then roll the towel in a cylinder shape. 

Step Four: Hold the pointed end in our hand, then use the other hand to wrap the thicker side around itself in a circular motion.

Step Five: You’ve made it to your last step! All that’s left to do is take the snake’s head pointing up and slightly point it down. 

Don’t be disappointed if it doesn't turn out perfect this time. Trust us; it takes a lot of practice to get them perfect!

Towel Monkey

This furry friend might be a bit more appealing and distinctive. Towel monkeys may sound tricky, but it’s just a few simple steps. 

Step One: Grab one hand towel and fold it inwards to meet the other side in the middle. 

Step Two: Fold the rolled-up towel in half. Make sure one side is still longer than the other. Don’t fold it down the middle. 

Step Three: Twist the top half of the roll upside down. 

Step Four: Tie a rubber band around the top of the towel. Fan out the two fabrics so that the piece forms an adorable head. 

Step Five: The last step is arguably the cutest one. Once your monkey body is assembled, take two more rubber bands and tie them onto the sides of the head. The rubber bands will form two knots, which will give the appearance of two little money ears. 

Towel Elephant 

When you imagine a towel animal, chances are you’ve envisioned a tiny elephant with a washcloth trunk. Well, we’re going to show you exactly how to accomplish this. 

Step One: Start with the towel flat, in a landscape position. 

Step Two: Fold both sides of the towel length-wise; they should meet right in the middle. 

Step Three: Roll the short ends inwards, so they also meet in the middle. Now, firmly fold in half. 

Step Four: You should now have a U-shape. Stand that up and push it down. This fluffs the towel out. 

Step Five: Now you must take a washcloth and lay it out to form the head. Fold the top two corners to the middle; this will form a triangle. 

Step Six: Fold the left and right sides diagonally, meeting in the middle. Turn it over. 

Step Seven: Take the two corners sticking up, fold down the cuff and pinch it at the back. Make sure to hold it super tight while you’re turning the ears inside out. You don’t want anything coming undone after all that hard work. 

Step Eight : Gently place the head onto the body. There is no reason to tie them onto each other. As long as you plan to just have them on display, the head will be fine balancing on the body. 

Towel Swan 

If the elephant seems too intimidating for you, we don’t blame you — here’s one that’s less time-consuming but just as cute.

Different towel animals work better for different reasons or bathroom themes. If you have little kiddos or grand kiddos, the elephants and monkeys will be sure to make them smile! 

However, that’s not to say towel animals can’t be elegant too. If you want some new decorations for your bathroom for the weekend, then consider folding your Miracle Brand Towels into a towel swan. 

Step One: Just like the elephant, start with the towel in a landscape position.

Step Two: Fold both corners inward so that they meet in the middle. 

Step Three: Take the outside edges and roll them into the middle. 

Step Four: Make a downward fold about a third of the way up to the arrow shape and an upward fold about a third of the way up. This will leave you with a Z-shape. Lay the Z-side down and squeeze the corners to keep the curves in place. 

It’s super similar to making a paper airplane, just with your bath towels.

Tips To Remember When Folding 

Now that you know how to fold some towel animals, you must keep these tips in the back of your head before you begin this project. 

Towel animals can fall apart easily if the folds and twists aren’t tight enough. You don’t want your animals coming undone every other fold or the second you put them down. This will lead to a frustrating activity. 

If one of the animals requires rubber bands or hair ties, we suggest getting very high-quality, heavy-duty ones. Nobody wants their decor to fall apart due to material mishaps. 

Patience is key with this project. Remember, it’s supposed to be something fun, so don’t get upset if they aren’t turning out perfect on the first try—that’s totally normal.

Which Towels Are Best for Towel Animals?

It can be hard to know which towels are the best for creating towel animals, but you definitely don’t want to use any old raggedy one sitting in your cabinet. 

You want a towel that is soft and pliable. The towels animals should be made with an easy-to-fold soft material. Soft materials will make your decor look even fluffier (which is definitely a good thing). But most of all, you want your towels to be clean and odorless.

Where to begin? Let’s start with Miracle Towels.

What Are Antibacterial Towels?

We’re sure you’re wondering what exactly antibacterial towels are and why you should be using them; well, we’re going to break it down for you. 

Antibacterial towels are towels that clean themselves (in a way). These unique towels are made with all-natural silver that prevents 99.9% of bacteria growth. Thanks to this particular makeup, antibacterial towels can stay fresh and clean longer. With towels that help prevent bacteria, grime, and germ growth, you can do less laundry.

If you think about it, our towels work really hard for us. They sink in your hamper damp and maybe don’t get washed as much as they should. Clean towels are better for your skin and better for your bathroom decor. Plus, not to mention, antibacterial towels are luxurious, elevating even those five-minute showers before you rush out the door.

Antibacterial towels can help keep your skin healthy. Hormone imbalances can cause skin issues, but they are sometimes caused by germs, dirt, and debris sitting on your skin. Using an antibacterial towel to wash your face every night will allow your skin (and your smile) to shine.

If you use an antibacterial washcloth to dry your face post-shower or skin routine, you may see a change in skin appearance. 

Time To Have Fun

You know which towels to buy and how to create towel animals. You know to stay patient and to enjoy the process. Who would have thought folding laundry could be so fun?

Not to mention you get decor for your bathroom too. Now it’s time to start folding!


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