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How To Fold Towels: 6 Different Ways

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Folding towels can be a nightmare to some and a form of therapy to others. Some people even consider cleaning a form of self-care, as it relaxes them deeply. Whether you’re someone who loves it or hates it, it invariably shows up on your to-do list.

Folding towels might not be as contentious as the battle of which way to hang toilet paper, but even still, everyone seems to have a way that just feels right.

However, there are tons of ways to fold towels, and each way can help serve you differently. Whether for storage purposes or aesthetics, there are multiple techniques for folding towels.

Let’s discuss.

The Different Methods

While the three most popular methods of towel folding are tri-fold, deep fold, and narrow fold, that’s not to say that’s the limit. We will talk about the three most popular ones, but we also want to show you other ways to fold your towels.

Most of the time, we get that you just want your towels folded and put away. But, if you’re even looking for a folding method that is a bit fancier, read to the end.

Method #1: Tri-Fold

This method is ideal if you keep your towels on a shelf with closures. They will look neat, and it’s the most basic folding method.

Lay the towel on a flat surface.

Take one end and fold it ⅔ of a way to the other end.

Smooth everything out.

Fold the other half of the towel over the first ⅓. Your towel should look long and skinny.

Fold the entire towel in half and then in half again.

Display the towel with the folded edge facing outwards for the cleanest look.

    The tri-fold is popular — rightfully so; it’s versatile, easy to learn, and saves a lot of needed space.

    Method #2: Deep Fold

    The deep fold method consists of fewer steps, but it is still equally as nice. This fold is best for a narrow closet or shelf.

    Lay the towel flat.

    Fold one edge of the towel to the halfway point.

    Repeat on the other side until the towels meet in the middle.

    Fold the towel in half lengthwise. The two sides should sit on top of each other.

    Fold the ends of the towel in the center. Don’t overlap the fabrics; this will increase their bulk and decrease available closet real estate.

      Method #3: Narrow Fold

      The narrow fold will be your best bet if your closet or shelf space is limited. Storage space is sometimes more limited than we would like, so we want to ensure we’re utilizing it well.

      Lay the towel flat.

      Fold the towel in half lengthwise.

      Fold the towel in half, creating a fold at the halfway line. Align the short edge on top of each other.

      Create the crease by folding the hemmed edge of the towel to the center.

      Fold the hemmed edge over the opposite edge.

        Method #4: Hotel Fold

        Hotels are arguably one of the more luxurious parts of a vacation. The robes, big tubs, and room service — count us in. If you’re missing that vacation feel, we have a solution for you. Here is how to make your bathroom feel like a top-notch hotel.

        If you want the feeling of vacation in your home, it starts with folding your towels the right way. While hotels commonly use the tri-fold method, that can be boring. We say go all out and impress your guests.

        You can do this method with your favorite bath towel or hand towel.

        Fold the towel lengthwise, taking one corner to the center.

        Fold the towel in half, then flip it over.

        Roll the towel tightly to the other end, then tuff in excess fabric.

        You can display this fold in many ways. Either way, whether on the counter or in a style display bowl, it will look great.

        Method #5: Saving Space

        While taking your nice towels and folding them for display is nice, it doesn’t mean you want to do this with every towel in your house.

        It’s not uncommon to have two to three towels folded nicely for display while having the rest tucked away in a cabinet somewhere. If your home is overflowing with towels, here is a good fold that will save your space. Rolled towels are the easiest, quickest, and most space-efficient method to fold your towels.

        Rolling your towels is a breeze. Here are the steps:

        Lay your towel flat.

        Fold your towel in half.

        Once your towel is folded in half, take one end and begin to roll tightly.

        Once you’ve tightly rolled your entire towel to the other end, you’re done.

        Simply place it in a storage closet or shelf.

        Method #6: Animal Towel Fold

        Animal towels can be fine or super fancy. It depends on the furry friend you decide to transform your towel into.

        Luxurious hotels are known for folded swans, but there are other animals you can learn to fold too. Folding towel animals is a wonderful opportunity to bring a little whimsy into the lives of children as well as visiting guests.

        For now, let’s review how to construct an elegant folded swan:

        Take your large towel and create a triangle.

        Roll the edges until they meet at the center. It should resemble an arrow.

        Take the arrow point and fold it back until it looks like a Z point.

        Next, squeeze the corner until a curve forms.

        Once you have one swan, you’ll need to make another — it needs a companion.

        How To Buy the Perfect Towels for Any Space

        Folding your towels is one thing, but buying your towels is another. You want to ensure you’re buying the best and highest quality towels that promote physical health and the most up-to-date sanitary practices.

        Even display towels — those that don’t see regular use — still matter. Wet or dusty towels can bring in mold and pollutants that have no place in a home.

        At Miracle Made, we believe your body deserves the best towels possible: The Antibacterial Miracle Towels.

        While we may be biased, we feel that our towels can serve you (and your folding endeavors) best. Antibacterial towels are essential as the antimicrobial silver kills 99.9% of bacteria growth. Your towels hold onto lots of bacteria, and if you’re using plain old cloth towels, you may be exposing yourself to unwanted germs.

        Miracle Made towels are also hypoallergenic. Allergies can be inconvenient and annoying, but there are ways you can minimize allergic reactions and their constant disruptions. Hypoallergenic products, like Miracle Made Comforters, are free of common allergens that can cause an allergic reaction, including feathers and artificial fragrances.

        Happy Folding

        Even if folding is normally a total drag for you, that’s not to say you can’t make it fun. Folding towels isn’t always the most lively duty, but it is a chore that will make you feel extra accomplished. Not to mention, you’ll have a clean bathroom to admire after too.

        You may be a more simple person who simply wants to do the quickest and easiest folding method. However, if you’re someone who likes to switch it up a little, we suggest doing a more intricate folding method — we’re talking to you towel animals!

        They may seem intimidating at first, but trust us, it’s way easier than it looks. Plus, it’s honestly a fun way to make the time pass quicker.


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