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How To Layer Bedding Like an Interior Designer

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Not everyone makes their bed first thing in the morning. In fact, like starting all new habits, it takes practice. But no one can argue otherwise that there’s no better feeling than coming home to a made-bed, especially if your bed looks professionally made.

Your bedroom should be the most tranquil part of your home; it’s where most of your downtime is spent. The best part of your bedroom is that it’s one of the rooms in your home that you can make 100% yours. Styling your room starts with your bedding, so we want to show you the best way to layer bedding.

Let’s dive in.

Why Should You Make Your Bed First Thing in the Morning?

Setting your bed first thing in the morning is a way to accomplish a task before even brushing your teeth. Besides the benefit of having a bed made for you when you get home, you’ll also start the day feeling productive. It turns out that the best way to avoid “getting up on the wrong side of the bed” is to go ahead and make that bed.

Life can be very hectic, and if there is any way to make your day feel more organized and productive, we say, try it out. Even if you don’t get around to it every morning, you will soon realize the extra boost your day gets from an intentionally made bed.

The Basics of Layering Bedding

Before we get into the actual layering of your bedding, let’s talk about the basics.

It’s time to review everything you need (and everything you don’t need) to make your bedding look like it’s been professionally assembled.

Start With Your Sheets

We suggest starting with freshly washed, delightful-smelling sheets. Picking the right sheets may require a moment of personal introspection and is mostly up to personal preference.

Trends suggest that solid colors or very minimal, subtle patterns create the best base to build on. Some patterns tend to be busy, cluttering up your space before you even start. It’s likely the sheet color you choose depends on your comforter's color and the theme of your room.

Yet, the actual sheet fabric is a different story. Sheets come in an expansive range of fabric types, including cotton, polyester, satin, and more.

We prefer sheets that are made of 100% Supima cotton and are anti-bacterial, like the Miracle Mades Luxury Sheet Set, Made with USA-grown Supima cotton. These luxury sheets come in three color choices, stone, sky blue, and white, all lending a relaxing, neutral feel to any interior design scheme.

What Are Antimicrobial Sheets?

Antimicrobial bedding is silver-infused fabric that offers unique health benefits Silver is a natural antibacterial. Silver penetrates deep into harmful bacteria cells, neutralizing the threat from the inside out.

Your sheets, blankets, and towels pick up and hold much more bacteria than you may have realized, which is why we believe every Bedding Collection should be antimicrobial.

Scientists first used silver’s antimicrobial properties as wound dressings, taking advantage of its natural disinfecting powers. Silver is still used in some medical settings, but now we love this metal for its powers in bedding, namely fighting allergies, reducing bacteria, and being oh-so-luxurious.

Silver-infused sheets are naturally self-cooling and self-cleaning. They do all the work, so you can rest with no stress, sweat, or looming to-do chores list.

Which Do You Pick: Comforter vs. Duvet

This next step is more a decision than a step, but it’s time for you to decide whether you want to catch up on your ZZZs with a duvet or a comforter.

The difference isn’t major, but one is usually preferred over the other. A comforter is one piece of bedding and is considered more breathable. In comparison, a duvet requires two pieces (a cover and an insert) and is considered to be a little heavy.

Comforters are plush, offering a swaddle-like cradle that evokes instant sweet dreams of floating in clouds. Those prone to night sweats or those with sensitive skin often prefer the Miracle Comforter for its natural thermo-regulating capabilities paired with 500-thread count Supima cotton.

Layer Your Colors

Doing bedding in all one color is an instant eye-catching moment. However, others like to shake up the monochromatic vibe and layer colors.

We suggest matching your standard sheets to your throw blanket or sham, giving your room some dimension and body.

Design Tip: Match the color of your sheets to an accent wall for a continuous look.

Are Throw Pillows Necessary?

Throw pillows have gotten a bad rep. Yes, they may not be the most practical and perhaps may not get any use at all.

Yet, we say throw pillows are a necessity for your bedroom's aesthetics — even if you throw them off the bed as soon as you lay down.

Throw pillows are a great way to add some dimension to your bedding, not to mention it’s an easy way to show a little more of your own style and taste.

Which Is Best: Bed Skirt or Bare-Frame?

Whether you decide to rock a bed skirt or not is mostly dependent on what type of bed frame you have. Traditionally bed skirts were made to cover up bed frames or storage under the bed.

If you decide the bed skirt is in fact for you, then we suggest going with a neutral color — white or beige.

How To Layer Your Bedding

Sometimes it can seem like no matter how carefully we set our beds, it never looks as good as a hotel room or movie scene.

Well, we’re here to tell you your interior designer-status bedding is just a few tips and tricks away.

Step 1: Getting the Perfect Layer

First off, put your fitted sheets on your bed as you normally would; next, your sham, then your comforter.

Once you have these three pieces properly laid on your bed, grab your comforter and fold it about ¼ of the way down the bed. Once your comforter is folded, then you should fold your sham about ½ down the bed.

This technique gives the bed dimension and leaves plenty of room for your standard and decorative pillows (or adorable towel animals).

Step 2: Throw On a Throw Blanket

Once you have your bedding perfectly layered, you want to grab your favorite throw blanket (or two).

Throw blankets are a great way to add a pop of color or extra texture to your bed set. Yes, layering colors is important, but so is layering textures. Having plenty of textures ensures your bedding will appear as bright and dynamic as we all are in the morning (or at least, how we hope to be).

Usually, throw blankets are thrown or folded right near the edge of the bed, leaving your bed looking and feeling as cozy as possible!

Step 3: Top It Off With Some Throw Pillows

Putting on your throw pillows should be your third and final step. After you lay them on your bed, you’ll want to give them some TLC — aka, fluff them up a bit.

Whether you prefer a clean and uniform look or someone who likes them a bit more colorful and spunky, the same rules apply. No matter what, your bedding won’t look perfect unless you know how to layer your bedding like a pro.

Hello Bedtime

While bedtime may have been something that you dreaded most of your childhood, now that you’re part of the real world, it’s most likely the highlight of most days. Plopping down on your beloved bed is truly a feeling like no other.

You want your bedroom to be tranquil — somewhere you can easily relax. You don’t want to come home to a bed full of laundry and sheets scattered around.

Even if you’ve been one to prioritize setting your bed in the past, we suggest trying it out. You may surprise yourself with how much you like it.


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