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What Direction Should Your Bed Face?

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Choosing the right bedding is a journey that takes us through textures, colors, and materials. Settling on the perfect ensemble — like one of our premium, comfort-focused sets — is a testament to your quest for comfort. But what if we told you there's more to achieving an impeccable sleep environment? 

The direction of your bed is often glossed over in bedroom design, but it holds a surprising amount of sway. Think about it. Centuries-old traditions and modern sleep research have delved into this topic, exploring how bed orientation can be pivotal for sleep quality and overall health. 

Whether you’re simply trying to rearrange your decor or want to know more about the theories and thoughts behind Feng Shui, read on to learn everything you need about what direction your bed should face.

The Science of Sleep and Bed Position

Delving deep into the realm of sleep, we uncover layers of biological and psychological processes. Each phase of sleep, from the lightest drift to the profound depths of REM, serves to heal our bodies and reset our minds. 

While we've become well-versed in habits like setting the right room temperature or creating a bedtime ritual, the bed's actual placement can hold sway, too. Depending on your room’s setup and things like ventilation and window positioning, your bed’s position can influence airflow, light exposure, and noise exposure — especially if you have roommates or family members on opposite sleeping schedules.

So, while you may think of bed placement as an aesthetic decision, it’s actually a good idea to look into it a little more deeply. Where you place your bed in your room could play a role in the depth and restfulness of REM sleep — a phase critical for memory consolidation and emotional regulation.

What Does Ancient Wisdom Say?

While science offers one lens, ancient practices such as Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra are areas that many people turn to when it comes to the best direction for all furniture, especially regarding your bedroom layout.

Feng Shui

An idea that connects energy and design from ancient Chinese culture, Feng Shui is well-known as a phrase, but not many people actually know what it’s all about. Feng Shui intends to paint a holistic picture of one's environment. 

In this ancient Chinese practice, every piece of furniture, every color, and, notably, the bed direction speaks to the flow of energy or “chi.” Feng Shui experts have long debated the balance of yin and yang energies in bedroom design. 

A bed facing south, according to this tradition, might harness vibrant, lively energy, while a northern orientation could cultivate introspection and calm. The revered “commanding position” is about empowerment, ensuring you're not startled and are in a position of control in relation to the bedroom door.

Aligning your bed directly with the bedroom door is a major no-no. Known colloquially as the coffin position, it's said to draw away positive vibes. Instead, ensure a solid wall behind the head of your bed. 

It offers stability and acts as a safeguard against disturbances. If you live with other people, lining up your bed against a solid wall can also improve your sleep hygiene by minimizing sound from the other side.

Additionally, while waking up to natural sunlight sounds idyllic, positioning your bed in front of a window can disrupt the flow of energy. And that sloping ceiling? It might look chic, but it can create a pressing down sensation, leading to unrestful sleep and an increased risk of banging your head.

While you may not know much about Feng Shui, those basic ideas of how to align the head of the bed are pretty common ways of situating your room, and they’re often a bit instinctual when looking at interior design. So, while there may not be tons of traceable science behind these ideas, there’s no denying that it has sway.

Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is an Indian architectural and design philosophy deeply rooted in the subcontinent's spiritual fabric. At its core, it is about harmonizing human existence with the universe's elemental forces. 

Within Vastu, the bed's direction is a reflection of cosmic principles. A southern headboard might foster stability due to its alignment with the earth's polarity. Similarly, the bed's placement against a particular side of the wall is less about aesthetics and more about channeling prosperity, health, and tranquility into one's life. 

Whether or not you practice Vastu Shastra or Feng Shui in other areas of your life, looking to Hindu or Feng Shui principles when you’re trying to organize your room can help inspire you, even if it may not necessarily deliver restful sleep using the earth’s polarity and other somewhat mystical elements.

What Direction Should Your Bed Face?

Whether or not you believe in bedroom feng shui or other energetic principles, it can be fun and interesting to learn more about what different cultures or belief systems think about the position of your bed to get good sleep.

If Your Bed Faces North 

Some might see aligning your bed north as an invitation to ailments. Legends and ancient practices associate it with high blood pressure and other health hiccups. 

If Your Bed Faces South 

This direction is celebrated in various cultures and is believed to usher in waves of positive energy. It's often linked to dreams filled with tranquility, deep sleep, and a boost in overall well-being. The idea is that the alignment taps into the planet's energies in a way that's conducive to human health.

If Your Bed Faces East 

The eastern orientation, deeply revered, especially in India, is more than just a placement. It's symbolic, representing enlightenment and rejuvenation. Waking up facing the rising sun, one embraces a new beginning each day.

If Your Bed Faces West 

While Feng Shui might caution against this direction due to the sun's setting energy, Vastu Shastra presents a more neutral stance. Yet, amidst these varied viewpoints, personal comfort and intuition should be your guiding stars.

How Else Can You Give Your Room Good Vibes?

In addition to finding the right location for your bed, the bedding you choose speaks volumes, not just about your room's design but your commitment to unparalleled comfort. When you're looking to crown your bedroom with the perfect finishing touch, where do you turn?

To us, of course. Our range of bedding is meticulously designed for the discerning sleeper. Our bedding boasts advanced properties, including the NASA-inspired Clean & Cool™ fabric, ensuring that you not only sleep well but sleep right.

Our fabric is ultra-soft and luxurious, but it’s also infused with antimicrobial silver — which means it helps prevent bacterial growth and minimizes allergens and odors, leading to a better sleeping experience, no matter where your bed ends up.

The Bottom Line

Where you place your bed in your room and what direction it faces may feel like a small thing, but it can actually make a huge difference to your comfort and the overall feel of the room. When moving into a new place or renovating your current home, making these little decisions — from bed direction to bath towel sizes — can help you create a comfortable space that reflects both your aesthetics and values.


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