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Bathroom Paint Colors: 5 Ideas For Your Next Renovation

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Renovations can require a lot of planning, but they can also be a lot of fun. Whether you choose to get down and dirty and DIY your way to your dream bathroom, or if you're more of a sit back and let the professionals handle things — renovations are great for numerous reasons.

Not only do they add value to your home, but it makes everyday tasks so much easier and more pleasant. Yes, aesthetics are fun, but practicality is important. These practical changes you can make will serve you and your family for years to come. 

You spend a lot of time in your bathroom; things can get pretty up-close and personal — you might as well have a space you love and adore. 

What To Expect

Depending on what renovations you're planning, your renovation timeline will vary. Of course, that is in a perfect world with no mishaps or hiccups. But, the nice thing about bathrooms is that they're (usually) smaller than other rooms, so it's not as big of a project as you may think. 

If you're planning on gutting and revamping your entire bathroom (including fixtures, the vanity, plumbing), then it may take longer than a month to get your desired finished look. Our renovation ideas will be a bit smaller scale. We’ll talk about painting your bathroom and a few other ideas for the perfect bathroom.

Discover Your Style 

The hardest part of any renovation is finding your style. Whether you are giving your powder room a makeover or are moving into a brand new place (either way — congrats!), your style is critical. The hue you pick for your bathroom walls will influence the rest of your design choices.  

Is your vibe more boho chic? Southern glam? Want warmth and comfort or formal and chic?

Your home is the backdrop of your life, setting the mood for your adventures. You want it to be a place that represents you and makes you feel safe.

Start With the Basics

To find your style, you need to start with the basics. Ask yourself some simple questions and jot down the answer on your trusty yellow legal pad. 

FYI, that notepad will be your baby throughout this entire renovation, do not lose it!

Step one: Take your notepad and jot down the answers to these questions:

Favorite colors

What textures and shades are you drawn to

Do you want it clean and bright, or busier and cozy

Brighter or dimmer

Colorful or basic color scheme

    Once you have these answers, you get to do the fun stuff — shopping.

    What's Your Desired Ambience? 

    There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to bathroom colors. So, no matter how many times you call them, the salesperson at Benjamin Moore will not be able to give you the definitive answer on the best bathroom paint color.

    What Are Your Priorities?

    Whether you're discussing these renovations with your whole family, your partner, or just yourself, it's time to sit down and decide what your priorities are. 

    Say you want to take a relaxing bath one night and dry off with your favorite most soft towel. Or even when you're rushing out the door for work, you want a clean and organized bathroom that will start your day off on the right foot, right?

    Do you want to completely redo your bathroom? Or, do you want this revamp to be solely aesthetics or solely practical? 

    Renovation Ideas

    Now that you have a better feel for what you're looking for, we can start talking about renovations.

    Here are some ideas that are guaranteed to make a splash:

    #1: New Tile 

    A great way to revamp any space is by adding new tile or backsplash. Adding new tile to your bathroom can take it to the next level.

    Tile replacements can be expensive, so don't feel like you have to redo your entire floor. We're talking about your shower tiles. Adding new shower tile to your shower floor or wall will give the whole room a cleaner and more organized appearance. 

    You can even have some fun with it. Feel free to experiment when browsing for colors. We love a neutral, relaxed room, but a fun pop of color can brighten any large or small space.

    Retitling a shower is fairly straightforward and can be done as a DIY project. After a few quick videos and a couple of Google searches, you'll be good to go. 

    #2: Decal Towel Hooks

    Having a place to hang your damp towels is essential.  Moisture = mildew, so we're going to need some nice towels.

    That’s why the Miracle Made antibacterial towels infused with silver are part of every intentionally-designed bathroom. Silver infused towels stay fresh for 3x longer and prevent 99.9% of bacteria growth.

    If you're using a traditional cloth towel, it could be crawling with germs once it sits in a damp hamper, hence why towel hooks are important. That is just one of the reasons cleaning your laundry is vital.

    So, yeah, you love your towels. But towels aren't only for utilitarian purposes. They elevate the design of your whole space. Think about how to show them off. Basically, durable towel hooks are the trophy cabinet of the bathroom.

    If you go with dark wood accents, consider bright white towels. The contrast is striking and reminiscent of a hotel's luxury spa. When incorporating the sheen of brass hardware, sky blue towels are your friend. This powder blue mixed with a warm undertone brings up the essence of a sunny sky.

    #3: A Fresh Coat of Paint 

    There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint to spruce up a room. Not to mention how fun it is to shop for bath paint colors. 

    As a general guideline, small bathrooms will seem bigger with lighter colors. Now's a great chance to put up some white cabinetry or beige trim.

    Since you've already taken your style quiz, we're sure you have a decent idea of what you want your bathroom to look like. But, if you're still at a loss with the paint color, don't worry; here are our suggestions. 

    Consider an accent wall. Accent walls are a great way to add body to a room, especially when the room is as small as a bathroom. If you accessorize the walls with a few mirrors, it will give the appearance of a bigger room. This is a chance for intrigue. For instance, pair a single navy wall with the rest of the walls done up in a peaceful cream.

    Don't forget to consider the paint finish. White paint colors go beyond "white." They encompass eggshell, satin, and more (all of which look striking with stone-colored towels). Do you just obsess over gray paint color? Well, do you want a calming, agreeable gray or more of a stormy gray?

    #4: A Mural

    Unless you're artistically gifted, this may not be something you can DIY. However, a quick phone could definitely do the trick. 

    Having a mural on your wall is a great way to add an interesting and unique twist to any living space. Yes, a mural may seem daunting and impossible to do on your own, but they're easier than you think. 

    A bathroom mural doesn't have to be super intricate or complicated. It can be as simple as a sun rising over the sink or a sunset setting above the shower backsplash. Trust us: you can learn how to do anything with a bit of practice. Or, you can always go with removable wall stickers for a simple splash.

    #5: Improve the Lighting 

    When you improve the lighting anywhere, it will instantly give the room life. Now that you have your favorite paint colors on the wall, the last thing you want is a dim room draining out the fresh new colors. 

    Improving the lighting in your bathroom can be tricky, considering you often can’t plug in a lamp. 

    First, determine the highest wattage light bulbs that will work in your bathroom's lighting system. Once you replace all your lights, they should already seem much brighter in the room. If you still feel there could be more light, this might be one of those times you call in the professionals. 

    Not all bathrooms have windows, and if they do, they tend to get a coat of shower grime which tends to block incoming light. Before you replace the whole window, we suggest giving it a good scrubbing. Usually, this problem can be fixed with some elbow grease. 

    Before You Start Your Renovation

    Before you begin your renovation, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Remain patient and trust the process, and let your creativity loose. Choosing the right paint color and making sure all the renovations are done correctly is the key. 

    Adding some spunk to your bathroom can be as difficult as gutting it and starting fresh, or as easy as slapping on a fresh coat of paint — whichever project you want to take on, we'll be here to support you the whole way. The next thing you’ll know, you’ll be revamping your entire home with the help of a small bundle of miracles.


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