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The Coolest Guest Bathroom Ideas

Why Is the Guest Bathroom Important?

It’s been a while since we’ve had family or friends to stay for the weekend, and it’s all too easy to forget the fundamentals of being a good host. Perhaps the spare bathroom has turned into a storage space for crochet and other short-lived stay-at-home hobbies. But as we begin to bring people back into our physical space – no more virtual happy hour, please – there’s no better way to welcome in guests after over a year than with a fresh update to arguably the most important room in the house – the guest bathroom. 

Depending on how many bathrooms you have, the guest bathroom might be large enough to have a bathtub, a shower, or may just be a half-bath. Whatever the size, it’s the perfect space to leave a great impression of your hosting skills. 

Why is the guest bathroom so important, you may ask? Think about it. Without one, you are allowing anyone to enter arguably your most private space. And it works the other way around. Having a dedicated bathroom for your house guests will make them feel comfortable and relaxed in your home – if you do it right. Not to mention that the guest bathroom is the perfect small space to express your style and good taste without spending too much money.

Transformation Doesn’t Always Mean Renovation

Revamping your guest bathroom need not require a small fortune. Simply adding a lick of paint or a new wallpaper will kickstart the uplift it needs. Color and pattern make all the difference; light neutral colors offer a clean, spa-like atmosphere, while deeper colors and bold patterns give character and charisma to your guest bathroom. 

To see what color works best, paint a small, hidden part of the wall in different color samples to get an idea of what suits. Peel-and-stick wallpaper gives you the opportunity to play with a transformative bold pattern or colorway without the commitment. 

The first step in transforming your guest bathroom is deciding what aesthetic you want to go for. Choosing the wall color and the style of large fixtures such as the bathtub, sink, and mirror is an easy way to determine the feel of a guest bathroom and will make it easier to choose cohesive finishing touches. 

Some popular interior design styles include Transitional, Modern, Contemporary, Traditional, Farmhouse, Rustic, Industrial, Beach, Craftsman, and Mediterranean. Remember, a guest bathroom is the perfect place to give your guests a feel for your personal style and who you are as a host. 

Creating Space and Setting the Mood in the Guest Bathroom

If you are considering a home renovation or looking for a new home, look out for spaces with windows or skylights for the guest bathroom. Natural light offers an airy, spacious feel that makes a big difference to smaller spaces. A sheer window curtain will provide privacy while still letting in light. To revamp an existing bathroom that doesn’t have a window, a large mirror gives the illusion of space and is a great way to add a touch of decoration. A mirror in an unusual shape adds a modern flair, while a gilded frame gives a luxurious feel.

If there are no windows, you can embrace a moody atmosphere and create a vintage glamor feel with deeper hues for paint or wallpaper. Dimmer switches add to the intimate, cozy vibe and are not only a mood maker. They’re also an energy saver and will cut down your energy bills

Decluttering and Replenishing the Guest Bathroom

Your unused guest bathroom has perhaps slowly turned into an at-home storage unit filled with clothes from that major spring clean, a space for all your stay-at-home arts and crafts, or an additional bathroom for you or your significant other – hey, we all need space sometimes! 

However your guest bathroom has mutated over the past year (or more) – it’s time for a clear-out. Even in a small room, paying attention to how you arrange the space changes the atmosphere of a room. This concept ties to Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art that - in interior-decorator terms -  relates to the harmony between humans and their surroundings. 

How we organize our space is suggested to affect the way we feel, with clutter enhancing stress and with clean, organized spaces providing a sense of tranquility. A guest bathroom should not be a dumping ground for your unwanted toiletries and other miscellaneous items – no one wants to find a used bar of soap or a broken comb floating around. 

However, you will want to leave essential products in the bathroom for your guests to use; think toothpaste, hair and body products, sanitary items, and the like. This avoids guests awkwardly asking to borrow from their host and shows the latter has really put care into theIR guests’ stay.

Tying It All Together for the Ideal Guest Bathroom

Decanting essential items such as cotton swabs and pads into mason jars keeps the guest bathroom looking neat and chic. Body products such as shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion can be emptied into elegant dispensers that are easily found online or at your local homeware store. Just make sure to keep less aesthetically pleasing items – read, toilet roll, sanitary products, and so on– organized in drawers and cupboards to avoid clutter and give guests ample space for their own toiletries. 

The design principle of form follows function, a motto that dates back to the ancient Roman architect Vitruvius, applies in the design of a guest bathroom. Instead of adding unnecessary décor, make sure you have all the essentials: a nice mirror, a spacious sink, a strong faucet, good water pressure, quality towels, and other key features. You can integrate stylistic touches by looking for statement pieces such as a gilded mirror frame or a claw-foot bathtub. These additions will give your bathroom character without adding superfluous clutter. 

Final Finishing Touches for the Guest Bathroom

After determining the aesthetic of your guest bathroom, choosing a consistent color scheme, and perhaps adding one or two stand out-features, it’s time for the final finishing touches. Everyone enjoys coming out of the bathroom feeling cleaner and more rejuvenated than when they came in. 

Investing in high-quality towels will give your guests’ hygiene and skincare routine the spa upgrade they deserve when staying at your humble adobe. It’s worth knowing the different types of towels that are used in high-end hospitality – that is what you wish to provide your guests, after all. Washcloths, finger towels, hand towels, bath towels, and bath sheets are all the types you should consider investing in to upgrade your guest bathroom from motel to five-star!

Fingertip towels or hand towels are the high-end equivalents of paper towels. Designed to dry off your hands, they are a nice luxury touch for a small space like the guest bathroom. Disposable items such as paper towels are more commonly used since hygiene concerns have become a top priority in the past year, but they certainly do not evoke luxury the way plush hand towels do. 

With Miracle’s Bath Collection, you need not compromise. Infused pure natural silver provides antimicrobial technology that kills nasty germs, while the premium plush cotton makes drying yourself off a spa-worthy activity. The option of three neutral colors means Miracle Brand towels contribute an understated yet stylish addition to your guest bathroom. 

To Conclude

Transforming your guest bathroom into a space that at once reflects your style and exudes the luxury feel of a hotel may at first seem like a momentous task. Fear not! It can be achieved by following these simple tips: 

  • The first step is to decide what design style best reflects your taste and best fits with the physical dimensions and existing features of the bathroom.  
  • You should then focus on arranging the room to maximize storage space and give the room a good ‘chi.’
  • Abide by the mantra ‘less is more’ when it comes to decorating the guest bathroom. Buying essential pieces or fittings that evoke a certain style is a simple way to make your space look effortlessly chic. 
  • Small finishing touches such as premium quality towels and fresh flowers will instantly elevate the bathroom space with little effort. 


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