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Did you know?

If you use one towel over and over again versus washing your towel after each use, you're going to want to store and care for different towels, well, differently.


How to Fold Towels

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We all fold towels. It's a household task you may think you've mastered by this point.

People tend to overlook the importance of folding towels properly, but small differences in the way you fold can add up and make an impact in our day to day lives. 

There are also many ways you can put dishes away in your cupboards that will all get the job done, but would you really want to open a cupboard and see a bowl on top of a plate, on top of another bowl? Something about that just doesn't sit right (or stack, ha!). It's just not aesthetically pleasing or practical. 

There are definitely better and worse ways to fold towels, so let's walk through why proper towel folding is even important!

Some benefits of folding your towels properly:

  • You'll end up saving time and effort. Practice makes perfect! Having a good system will save you time and effort down the road because you'll be using the same technique over and over again. Give yourself a few laundry loads worth of practice and you'll be a star. 
  • It's visually appealing and your home will look well-cared for. Look good, feel good, right? Who wouldn't enjoy their house feeling as organized and decorated as a hotel? Folding your towels properly is a nice treat for yourself. Opening up your cupboards to see a well sorted and neat stack of towels is an easy way to feel fresh and organized throughout the day.  
  • It will make you feel good. And we don't just mean how good the Miracle bath fabrics actually feel on your skin (extremely soft and smooth, by the way). Having your home tidy and organized helps it feel like a sanctuary. With all the chaos in the outside world, we don't need chaos inside our closets. A well-cared-for home, right down to the perfectly folded towels, eliminates distractions, and creates a calming and peaceful environment. 
  • Your guests will be impressed. Especially if you're matching any of Miracle's four color options to fit the rest of your bathroom décor, your house will look straight out of a home catalog.

Before getting started

There are a few ways to fold towels. Different methods suit different preferences, and there are a couple of elements you should be taking into account. For example, the storage area you have to work with. Your towel closet may be either narrow or deep – different folding methods will help you maximize your space. 

Here are some factors to consider before getting started:

  • Towel size: If your towels are thicker, you're not going to want to use a method that involves several folds. Different thicknesses deserve different treatment. Think of walking into a clothing store and seeing the displays. Cotton t-shirts don't get folded the same way that bulky hoodies do. There's a method to the madness, and for good reason!
  • Intended use: If you use one towel over and over again versus washing your towel after each use, you're going to want to store and care for different towels, well, differently. Frequency of use definitely plays a role in how you should be caring for your towel. Keep in mind that Miracle towels stay fresh 3x longer, meaning you can wash them 3x less frequently. 
  • Type of towel: There are face towels, hand towels, and body towels. Similar to having a fancy dinnerware set, different towels should be cared for differently. For example, given that a hand towel is used more frequently than a bath towel, you may want to be storing it differently. 

The final thing you should be considering before starting to actually fold your towels is the surface that you'll be folding on. The towels you're about to fold are clean, so we should also be working on a clean surface. No point in laying your fresh-out-of-the-laundry towels on a dusty counter or on the floor, right? Try to find a space that gets cleaned relatively often and doesn't gather much dust. 

The fabrics used in Miracle towels already prevent 99.9% of bacteria growth, but let's give our towels the best shot at staying as fresh as possible by folding them on a nice, clean surface. 

Here are three easy, effective, and enjoyable ways to fold your towels: 

1) The Thirds Method

You can't go wrong with this technique – this is probably the easiest method that will work well for varying towel thicknesses. Start out by laying out the towel on a large flat surface so that the longest end is stretched out from left to right.  

  • Grab the long end closest to you and fold it into the center.
  • Grab the long end furthest from you and fold it inwards (towards yourself). You can choose to have them line up just touching each other, or with a little bit of overlap (the latter will result in a thicker final product).
  • Grab the right-side end of the towel and fold it over to meet the left side's end. You should now have a rectangle half the length of the towel.
  • Fold it one more time, the same way. Voila! Your folded towel.  

2) The Bundle 

This is a super simple, fast, and effective way to fold towels that looks the way you would find them on store shelves. This technique results in more of a "bundle" looking fold - this is great if you'd enjoy your towels looking slightly fancier. It takes less than 10 seconds, looks professional, and is fun to do. When using our Miracle towels, this technique further accentuates their plush properties, creating a beautiful fluffy stack as the final product. 

  • Lay the towel down on a flat surface so that the longest side is stretched out sideways.
  • Fold the towel in half (right to left), making sure the edges stay aligned.
  • Fold it in half again, the same way.
  • Bring the end of the towel that is closest to you into the center (moving it away from your body) so that it can be flopped over the same way again, resulting in the towel being folded in thirds.
  • The end result is a perfectly folded towel that looks beautiful when turned sideways and stacked with others. 

3) The Standing Flop-Roll

Not every home has the space to lay out towels on a surface, and that's ok. The Standing Flop-Roll creates a perfectly folded towel just as well. 

  •  Pinch the middle of the towel on each end so that its longest side is now folded in half and the ends are hanging to the floor.
  • Bring your right hand (carrying the towel) inwards over to the left side of your body
  • *Tip* Use your chin to hold the towel on your chest so that it doesn't droop – this will help the corners stay aligned.
  • Repeat this for the other side by bringing your left hand (carrying the towel) across your body. The towel is now a third of its width.
  • Grab the top part of your towel that is right under your chin and begin to roll it downwards.
  • There you have it - a perfect roll! This method is great if your storage area is wider rather than taller - you can place the rolls side by side. If your storage area is taller, feel free to get fancy with it and create a pyramid. 

Miracle Towels come in three sizes; bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths – all of which can be folded using these techniques. You can then stack these folded towels on top of each other to create a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing stack of towels - somewhat like a snowman, but with rectangles! Check out the Miracle Towel Set Bundle which includes two of each.

The Most Important Part

What's more important than how your towels are folded is the type of towels you're using. Miracle towels are created with an all-natural silver that prevents 99.9% of bacteria growth. This natural silver prevents odors, is luxuriously soft and plush, and stays fresh for 3x longer. Miracle towels are also crafted for maximum absorbency, which allows them to dry in half the time. With four cool, calming, and neutral colors to choose from, Miracle towels will fit harmoniously in any setting.

Did you know?

If you use one towel over and over again versus washing your towel after each use, you're going to want to store and care for different towels, well, differently.


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