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Why Am I Waking Up Tired Every Day?

It is common knowledge that the rest we get from sleep is crucial to a healthy mind and body.

When we sleep, we give our bodies and minds the time to repair themselves. The average person should sleep at least 7 hours of the 24-hour day, which means almost a third of your life is spent sleeping. No wonder it has such a great impact on the way we feel as we go about our daily lives!

Unfortunately, the modern-day lifestyle is not conducive to a good night’s sleep. Long work hours, caring for children and family members, constant noises in bustling cities, and our exposure to light -  especially the LED lights in our trusty technological devices - are all major factors disrupting the circadian rhythm that controls our sleep patterns. 

 The sleep cycle is divided into four stages, the third and fourth of which are when you experience the deepest stage of sleep. The sleep cycle repeats throughout the night, so if you’re abruptly woken up in these later stages, it might explain the groggy feeling you get in the morning. 

Understanding why and how you sleep is crucial to pinpointing why you might be waking up tired every day. Once you have identified some of the factors, you will be able to improve your routine so that you jump out of bed feeling rejuvenated and ready to start the day. Read on to discover why you’re waking up tired and tips for the perfect restful night’s sleep. 

Not Getting Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep is a crucial component of a healthy lifestyle. While this seems obvious enough, statistics suggest that we are a sleep-deprived society. Most adults need between seven to nine hours of shut-eye a night, yet a whopping 32.5% of adults in the U.S. sleep under seven hours. Not enough sleep will naturally make you overtired so that waking up in the morning feeling like a monumental challenge. 

Not Getting Good Quality Sleep

It’s not only the hours you’re getting in that counts – when you go to sleep and when you wake up also impact how well-rested you are and, therefore, how energized you feel in the morning. Our circadian rhythm, or body clock, is affected by the light and dark that come with the sunrise and sunset. When it gets dark out, the body releases melatonin which makes you drowsy, but when the sun rises, your body releases cortisol, a hormone that makes you feel alert. For this reason, it is ideal to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier rather than the other way around. 

Of course, we don’t all have the luxury of choosing our bedtimes. External factors like late work hours, irregular shifts, or childcare may be getting in the way of the all-important shut-eye. A good tip for time-pressed individuals is to figure out when you need to wake up in the morning and count backwards by seven to nine hours (for most adults). Try and stick as close to this bedtime as possible and try to maintain a regular sleep schedule to keep your circadian rhythm on track.  

Getting good quality sleep is as important as the amount of time you spend asleep. Luckily, this is a factor that is in your control, even if your work hours put a strain on your sleep schedule. You can integrate small tips and tricks into your evening routine for a better bedtime experience.

Avoid Screens

The relationship between circadian rhythm and natural light suggests just how sensitive our bodies are when it comes to sleep! We live in a society where smartphones are an integral part of our lives, and it’s likely you’ve sat in bed scrolling through Instagram at least once… if not every night. The blue light that is emitted from screens may suppress the melatonin your body releases when it gets dark out, therefore encouraging restless sleep. Mobile devices have transformed modern life – mostly for the better – but they are also the enemy of a good night’s sleep. 

Think of your room as a safe haven from the outside world. By leaving your mobile devices outside or far away from your bed, you will be less encouraged to have a late-night scroll that might be disrupting your sleep, leaving you groggy in the morning.

If you need a distraction, keep a good book by your bed. Reading is a relaxing way to wind down and is a nice distraction from the everyday stresses that might be keeping you up at night. If you simply cannot part from your mobile devices in the evening, invest in a pair of blue-light blocking glasses that can reduce the screen’s effect on your sleep pattern.  

Don’t Overeat Before Sleep

Sometimes all you want to do after a big meal is take a nap and let your food digest. Oddly enough, that drowsy feeling does not add up to a restful sleep. Our bodies repair themselves while we sleep, which takes up energy. The digestive system will also need some of this energy to break down a heavy meal – therefore disrupting the nocturnal activities of your body. 

This strain on your body might cause you to wake up with heartburn, indigestion, acid reflux, or other sleep-disrupting symptoms. Sixty-three percent of those who experience frequent heartburn say it affects their sleep, while 40% believe that nighttime restlessness caused by heartburn leaves them feeling unproductive the following day. 

Avoid Drinking Alcohol

Similarly, while a glass of wine might make you feel drowsy, it is not conducive to a good night’s sleep. Alcohol is a depressant, which suppresses the Rapid Eye Sleep (REM) sleep stage. REM is the fourth stage of the sleep cycle, and not enough of it can cause restless sleep. 

Try and avoid drinking soon before bedtime. Switch out a nightcap with a cup of herbal tea, which promotes relaxation and will keep you hydrated - you lose a lot of water through sweat as you sleep.  

Keep Your Sheets Clean

When it comes to good sleep, it’s a no-brainer that a clean, cozy bed makes all the difference. Studies suggest we sleep better when we tuck into clean, crisp sheets – small wonder hotel beds always feel like such a luxury. But this feeling of five-star comfort is something you can recreate at home by investing in quality sheets.  

Miracle’s Signature sheets use silver-ion technology to eliminate the bacteria that builds up as we sleep. While bacteria are invisible to the naked eye, they are living in every crevice of your household – as well as in your body. Before you freak out, most bacteria are important for healthy human functions. However, some bacteria can exacerbate allergies and breakouts that could be keeping you up at night. Silver infused sheets also prevent odor-causing bacterial growth, keeping your sheets feeling fresher for longer.  

Keep Your Room Cool

Room temperature is one of the key factors in achieving the quality sleep you need to wake up feeling refreshed in the morning. When we sleep, our bodies cool slightly, so it is important to keep our rooms at a good temperature to avoid disruptive sleep. Leaving a window slightly open will keep a stream of fresh air coming in and will make your room feel cool and comfortable. 

Clean, crisp, and cool sheets are the keywords when it comes to a good night’s sleep. Natural fabrics like cotton are breathable and effectively absorb moisture to keep you cool. Percale cotton is more lightweight than alternatives such as sateen, ensuring maximum breathability to keep your body at an optimal temperature for a restful sleep. 

The combination of infused silver and thermoregulating technology in Miracle sheets makes them a great investment for a restful night’s sleep. What’s more, they stay fresh up to three times longer than your average sheets – meaning less time doing laundry and more time enjoying a relaxing bedtime routine. 

Morning Tips

Even after adopting these useful tips and tricks for a rejuvenating night’s sleep, getting out of bed can still feel like the biggest task. If you wake up feeling groggy or even anxious, there are a few morning mantras that will get you energized and motivated to start the day. 

Deep breathing and yoga stretches will encourage oxygen flow to promote high energy levels and a sense of calm. After getting up for these great morning exercises, make sure to make the bed! By doing so, you will decisively start the day and have a more inviting bed to cozy into when evening falls. Do not underestimate the power of good sheets and a nicely made-up room. If your body is a temple, then your room should be too! 


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