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14 Tips On How to Get More Deep Sleep

Sleep is vital for your physical and mental health and should always be a top priority. Here at Miracle Made, we believe the quality of your day starts with your nights' rest. A good night's rest starts with your bed set. If you don't have quality sheets and pillowcases, you...

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Bathroom Paint Colors: 5 Ideas For Your Next Renovation

Renovations can require a lot of planning, but they can also be a lot of fun. Whether you choose to get down and dirty and DIY your way to your dream bathroom, or if you're more of a sit back and let the professionals handle things — renovations are great...

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How To Create Towel Animal: Step-By-Step

Whether you’re frantically surfing the web on how to create animal towels to impress your in-laws or if you’re doing it strictly for your own eyes to enjoy, we promise you’re going to be surprised at how easy they are to create. Animal towels are great for tons of reasons....

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What Are Laundry Sheets? What You Should Know

By the time you’re an adult, you probably have a routine when it comes to doing your laundry. Maybe that routine is doing all of your washing on a designated day weekly or making a day out of tidying and refreshing your space and wardrobe. Or maybe your routine is...

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Small Bathroom Layout: Floor Plans & Design Tips

If you live in a major city, you definitely know this struggle. Trying to make your closet-sized home comfortable, functional, and well-decorated enough to want to show off, despite the small size, can be a challenge! Even if you live somewhere where square footage isn’t at a premium, there’s one...

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Ice-Cold Bath Benefits: Everything You Need To Know

Going out to a party or for a nice dinner with friends, family, or your partner on a Friday after a hard week at work is great. But there’s more than one way to blow off steam and unwind so that you can get your weekend off to a good...

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