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Four Techniques on How To Fold Towels Like a Hotel

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Hotels are the ultimate escape. Still, while your home probably doesn’t have five-star room service, ocean views, and a full-service spa down the hall, you can try your darndest to embody the ambiance of a lavish weekend away. 

However, certain aspects of your hotel stay can seem unattainable. Many wonder how on earth they get that perfect, crisp fold with their towels and sheets. We’re here to help you transform your bathroom into a premier resort, starting by learning how to fold towels like a hotel. 

Before You Start Folding Your Towels

The technique is a big part of achieving the perfect fold, but you should consider other factors. For example, the fabric of your towels matters. What’s the point in having that perfect hotel fold if your towels are dry, scratchy, or have a lingering stench? 

Before you start folding, inspect your linen closet; get rid of any towels that don’t embody the fresh, luscious feel hotel towels do. 

P.S. You may need to treat yourself to a bath set shopping spree, but trust us, you won’t regret it, especially after your next bubble bath. 

1. The Classic Folding Method

Not every hotel (or hotel room) has the same folding technique. If you’re staying at a pricier hotel, your towels will have an intricate, fancyfold — penthouse rooms usually go a little extra on these things. Sometimes, there are even towels folded like swans.

When it comes to your everyday bathroom, though, nothing beats the classic hotel fold.

Your towel should look like a perfect square when finished. This style looks best displayed on an open shelf or bench. 

  1. Spread the towel across a flat surface, and fold both long ends towards the middle. 
  2. Fold both short ends towards the middle, but leave a small gap for extra folding space. 
  3. Bring one long end to the other long end, and voila, you have a perfectly folded, hotel-style towel. 

      2. The Towel Bar Folding Method

      If you prefer your towels hanging on the towels bar, they can still look as fancy as in the hotels. To achieve this timeless look, follow these easy steps. 

      1. Start lengthwise, then fold your towels in thirds. 
      2. After it is folded in half, bring the short end to the center. 

        You get the best of both worlds; an easily accessible, properly folded towel will result in a more chic-looking bathroom. 

        3. The Storage Folding Method 

        This technique will save space while preserving the fabric of your towels. The cost of bath linens can add up over time, especially if you’re replacing them more often than you need to.

        To ensure you’re taking proper care of your towels, follow this simple technique:

        1. Start lengthwise and fold in half. 
        2. Put the short side together after folding it in half (widthwise)
        3. Fold in half widthwise one last time. 

            You can fold the towel in thirds if that size better fits your storage areas, but it may be difficult for thicker towels. 

            4. Spa-Style Folding Method 

            The infamous spa roll is arguably the fanciest looking for all the folds. This technique creates an elegant look that will elevate even the drabbest of bathrooms. While a bit trickier than the last, stay patient; it may take a few tries to perfect this fold. 

            1. Lay the towel on a flat surface 
            2. Grab one corner and bring the hem on the opposite side in the middle of the towel (fold diagonally). The fold should look like a triangle. 
            3. Fold in half, then flip the folded side to face the bottom. 
            4. Once your towel is folded in half (lengthwise), and there is a sharp angle (around 40 degrees), you’re ready to roll. 
            5. Lastly, tightly roll the towel up to the angled point, then tuck the excess fabric into the inner tunnel. 

                    This style is best displayed where everyone can see it. Getting all your towels to look perfect probably took some extra time, so you might as well show off your hard work. 

                    Consider taking this opportunity to give your bathroom a revamp. Tons of little hacks can help convert your bathroom into an at-home spa; the towels are the icing on top. 

                    What Is the Best Way To Care for Your Towels?

                    You know how to achieve the perfect fold, but what good does a perfect-looking towel do if it doesn’t feel perfect? Unless you use strictly silver-infused self-cleaning antibacterial towels, your bath towels will likely need some extra tender love and care. 

                    The first step to preserving your towel's lifespan is knowing how to wash it. The typical towel should be washed every three to four days, but frequent washes can put wear and tear on the fabric.

                    To achieve clean towels without damaging the materials (too much), here are a few tips and tricks that may help:

                    1. Don’t Use Too Much Detergent 

                    Laundry detergent is made up of ingredients that are considered cleansing and degreasing agents, but unless you’re using a toxic-free laundry detergent, they can be full of toxic chemicals such as Quaternium 15

                    The same harmful chemicals are also responsible for cleaning your towels. However, you don’t have to compromise your health to achieve a well-washed towel; there are plenty of eco-friendly and toxic-free options available. That’s why we carry our own toxic-free laundry detergent.

                    Regardless of which detergent you use, beware of your pour. Too much of any detergent can damage the materials. A heavy pour can affect the rinse cycle and result in a build-up on the fabric. Detergent build-up can lead to moisture retention (which can lead to mold growth).

                    2 . Dry Your Towels Right Away 

                    Before you let your towels sit in the washer overnight, consider reconsidering. When towels are left to sit, the moisture in the fabric can lead to a gnarly mildew stench. We suggest drying your fabric ASAP to avoid having to replace your towels prematurely. 

                    3. Don’t Wash Your Towels Too Often 

                    While not washing your towels enough can lead to unwanted bacteria growth, washing them too often can cause the material to strengthen and fade. Stick to washing your towels three to four times a week (depending on how many are in your rotation). 

                    You should wash your towel after each use to avoid germs spreading onto your body, and don’t leave it in the hamper for too long. It’s best to hang your towels to dry even before you wash them to ensure they’re drying correctly, which helps prevent that dreaded mildew scent. 

                    Time To Fold! 

                    You’re a towel expert! You know all the necessary folding techniques to take your bathroom to the next level, and you don’t have to stop there.

                    Just remember: Don’t expect to get your fold of choice perfect on your first try. While they’re easily learned, it may take one or two tries; stay patient. 

                    While nice towels are great, they’re just the first step; next up is the bedding.


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