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How To Organize Your Bedroom: 11 Ideas To Do Right Now

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A person's bedroom is their sacred place; it’s a space to unwind and indulge in some relaxation. Keeping this small space clean and tidy is crucial, as a cluttered room can affect your mental health and productivity. We’re all guilty of letting our bedroom get a bit unorganized, and it can be hard to relax with clutter stalking you from every corner. 

Cleaning is therapeutic to some and a hassle to others; whether you look forward to your weekly bedroom refresh or have been putting it off for weeks, we’re here to help. 

Finding new ways to organize your things takes creativity; luckily, we’ve formulated a guide to help you declutter and reorganize your bedroom.

Here are our organizational ideas to keep your room clutter-free: 

Formulate a Plan 

Before you start this task, it’s best to formulate a game plan. Walking into a cluttered room can feel overwhelming, especially if you have no idea where to start. Start small, like your jewelry box or a bookshelf. Once you see some improvement, it’ll motivate you to finish the rest. 

Bedroom Organization Ideas

Whether working with a large or small bedroom, these hacks will help you create a minimalist space that is fully organized.

Having high-quality bedding and a comfortable mattress certainly helps your sleep, but so does the cleanliness of your bedroom. Before putting off this chore for another week, consider our tips for organizing your bedroom. 

1. Tidy Up 

Before getting into the nitty-gritty, it’s a good idea to tidy up first. Dispose of any garbage lying around: old cups, wrappers, containers, etc. Put dirty laundry in the hamper and re-fold anything that hasn’t been worn. You want a clean slate to work with. 

2. Donate Your Old Goods 

Having too much stuff is a common culprit behind a messy room. You’ll likely find things you haven’t used in years when you clean your bedroom. Instead of putting them away, create a donation box — it’ll help declutter your room and help someone in need. 

Miracle Tip: Put the boxes in your car pronto; if you don’t, chances are it’ll be months before those items meet their new owners. 

3. Reorganize Your Storage Spaces

Organizing your storage spaces is the best way to tidy your bedroom. Once you’ve gone through and donated your unwanted items, begin organizing the things you did keep. 

A cluttered closet or dresser drawn can be intimidating, but rest assured, products like dividers, cubbies, and draw organizers, make the entire process much more manageable. 

Closet Organization 101

Organizing your closet space is the first step to reclaiming your once-beloved bedroom. Start by sorting your clothes and separating fall and winter clothes from summer and spring clothes. Put anything, not in season, in a storage box — your in-season clothes should be front and center. 

Once you decide which clothes to let go of, begin hanging your scarves and purse on the wall space of your closet (this may require hook installation). This will keep your clothes rack open for the essentials while ensuring those items don’t end up on the floor space. 

Now, for shoe storage ideas. There are many different shoe organizers on the market, but some only work for walk-in closets. If you have a small closet, consider installing a shoe rack that can hang on the closet door (or on the bedroom door if you prefer.) 

Miracle Tip: Matching hangers gives a more organized and neat appearance, especially in a small closet. 

4. Wash Your Clothes

Getting ready in the morning can make your bedroom look like a war zone. If clothes have been sitting in piles or stuffed haphazardly into drawers, before sorting into “keep vs. donate piles,” we suggest washing it all.

5. Examine Your Bedding 

While sometimes your bedding just needs a run through the washer, other times it’s time to purchase a new set entirely. 

Sheets get dirty, whether the stains are from slime, dirt, or sweat, and some prove impossible to get out of. Instead of spending hours researching home remedies for these stains, consider treating yourself to Miracle Made Sheets. A clean room is one thing, but a clean room with brand-new sheets is exceptionally relaxing. 

6. Make a Charging Station for Your Electronics

Between all your electronics, wires can make a room appear messy and unorganized. Not only does leaving these cords in the open clutter your room, but it can be downright dangerous. Plus, a single designated space helps ensure things don’t get lost, either.

A DIY charging station is a clever (and affordable) way to keep your electronic cords out of the way. Or, if you don’t need an extensive charging area, integrate your electronics into your furniture. For example, some standing desks have charging stations installed, or even headboards have discreet plugs for you to snap into devices. 

7. Buy Bedroom Storage Containers

Storage bins make the process of reorganizing your room easier. Consider bins and boxes that can work as under-bed storage. Storing things under your bed preserves floor space, which is essential for a small room

8. Install Floating Shelves

Floating shelves (or any bookshelves) are great for displaying small items or anything that makes your room feel more like you. They also ensure your desk isn’t cluttered with picture frames, knick-knacks, and other novelties.

Shelves can display anything you’d like; you can even use them as jewelry organizers. Speaking of jewelry, try hanging long necklaces from stylish hooks — not only does this use up available vertical space, but it also serves as a highly personalized and functional art installation. 

9. Label Everything 

Amidst your organization journey, consider labeling any storage solution you have. This ensures everything stays tidy after the fact. 

If there are certain items you don’t want to write on or stick labels to, consider finding an incognito spot, like inside a dresser drawer. 

10. Use Drawer Organizers

Drawer organizers are dividers that help keep the items in your dresser drawers neat and organized. We know how easy it can be to just throw everything in there, but this tool will ensure everything is in the right spot and easy to find. 

11. Utilize the Storage Space Under Your Bed

The space under the bed is often forgotten, even though it's prime for extra storage: out of sight, out of mind. This is a great area to store extra blankets and seasonal necessities like winter boots or heavy raincoats. 

After It’s Cleaned 

Once your room is cleaned, it’s time to optimize it even more.

These tips will ensure your bedroom is perfectly curated to enhance your night's rest: 

Use calming, neutral colors

Selecting neutral and comforting colors for your sheets, blankets, and pillowcases will give your room an extra cozy feel. 

Use a white noise sound machine.

White noise may promote more sound sleep.

Light a candle 

Candles can elevate any space, so you should engulf your bedroom with your favorite scent. (Just remember to blow it out before bed.)

Buy new bedding 

There is something so special about having fresh sheets. Reward yourself for all your hard work: It’s time for new and improved bedding. While we may be biased, we have to recommend our Extra-Luxe 500-thread count Sateen Sheets

Boost Your Home’s Organization

You spend a lot of time in your bedroom — whether working at your desk, relaxing in bed, or catching up on your Zzzs. So, having a bedroom that makes you feel relaxed is crucial. While it's easy to put this chore off, we always strive to prioritize the cleanliness of our bedrooms just as we would any other room. 


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