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The main cause of acne is due to excess oil produced by our sebaceous glands.


Are High-Quality Sheets the Secret to Better Skin?

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Are you well-past your teenage years but still find yourself dealing with acne?

Sometimes it seems that no matter how many different products or treatments you try for your skin, it never seems to clear up. One surprise secret to better skin might be in a different location: your bedroom. That’s right -- switching out your basic sheets for high-quality silver-infused sheets could be the clear skin secret you’ve been searching for. 

What Causes Acne?

Odds are that you’ve dealt with acne at some point in your life. If you’re past your teenage years and are still dealing with this annoyance, you’re probably more than ready to get rid of it for good. However, before you go rushing off to buy really expensive face masks to fight acne, it’s important to understand what causes acne in the first place so that you can figure out your own personal root causes and then take the necessary steps to address them. It won’t be easy, but it will be well worth it to finally achieve amazing clear skin. 

The main cause of acne is due to excess oil produced by our sebaceous glands. Our face produces natural oils to keep it moisturized and hydrated, but it’s common for it to produce too much that it actually ends up clogging your pores and causing blemishes -- whether they are whiteheads, blackheads, or pimples. While this is the root cause of acne, it’s easy for existing areas of irritation to be further inflamed by bacteria. When bacteria get into these areas, it worsens the severity and appearance of the blemishes and can even cause it to spread throughout other areas of your face and body. This is why the most common locations for acne include your forehead, nose, chest, back, and shoulders. 

Can Your Sheets Cause Acne?

Many people immediately look to their beauty products like face washes, makeup, and face masks when investigating the cause of their acne. However, one unexpected source of acne might be lurking elsewhere -- in your sheets! Believe it or not, but your sheets could actually be causing, or at the very least exacerbating, your acne if you do not wash them enough. This is because sheets very easily become a breeding ground for bacteria thanks to all the dirt, sweat, and body oils that are absorbed into the fibers where they can then reproduce and be transferred back onto your skin when you go to bed the next day. Just think about how much exposure you are getting to this bacteria in your sheets when you spend eight hours sleeping every day! Nasty right? The good news is that there is a solution to this unfortunate issue. 

Do Silver-Infused Sheets Prevent Acne?

If you haven’t heard of silver-infused sheets yet -- listen up! Silver-infused sheets could be the answer you’ve been looking for when it comes to stubborn skin issues like acne. This is because these sheets contain small amounts of silver threads that are able to kill 99.9% of bacteria within the fabric. But how does this happen? Is it magic? As it turns out, it’s actually a really natural process! The element silver has ions that possess a positive charge. Due to this charge, these fibers are able to suck in bacteria and germs like a magnet -- killing them and preventing them from spreading all around and transferring back to your skin. Since your sheets are now germ-free for up to three times longer than regular sheets without silver technology, you can rest assured that you aren’t doing more harm than good while you’re sleeping. 

What to Look for in High-Quality Sheets?

When it comes to high-quality sheets, there are a few different things that you need to be on the lookout for. High-quality sheets are really an investment, so make sure to do your research ahead of time instead of just buying the first product that you see. Thankfully, we have done a lot of that research for you to make your life a whole lot easier. If you’re looking for the best sheets, here’s what you need to prioritize:

  • Material. One of the most important things to look for in high-quality sheets is that they are made out of high-quality material. But what is the best material for sheets? In our opinion, nothing is better than cotton. We know what you’re thinking -- isn’t cotton just a basic fabric? How can it be considered high-quality? As it turns out, there are many different varieties of cotton that range from high-quality long stem cotton to lower-quality short-stem cotton. One of the best cotton varieties is definitely Supima cotton. This variety definitely rivals the well-known (and extremely expensive) Egyptian cotton variety. 
  • Durability. Another thing that you need to look for when shopping for high-quality sheets is durability. After all, you don’t want to spend a bunch of money on high-quality sheets just for them to fall apart within a year. So make sure that any sheets you purchase are durable with a strong weave and come with a warranty so that you can rest assured that they are built to last. 
  • Customer reviews. Finally, the last thing that you should look at when buying high-quality sheets is the customer reviews for the product you are interested in. By reading customer reviews, you can learn if the product is really as described by the brand and is worth the buy. The best companies will make it easy for you to read reviews from real customers since these are their best testimonials and proof of value! 

Nothing really matches the quality of Miracle Brand’s sheets. There are two different varieties available: the Signature Set and the Extra Luxe Set. Each sheet set comes with a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two standard-sized pillowcases. The Extra Luxe Set features Supima cotton sheets with a 500-thread count. These are very soft and luxurious sheets that are smooth and cool. The Signature Set also features cotton sheets with a 350-thread count. These sheets are still soft and breathable but aren’t quite as luxurious as the Extra Luxe variety. No matter which set you choose, all of the Miracle Brand’s products are of the highest quality and even come with a five-year warranty so that you can easily return products with any defects. 

How to Prevent Acne for Better Skin

Switching your sheets is a great step to preventing acne, but it should still be used in combination with other steps to promote better skin, including:

  • Washing your face with a gentle cleanser twice a day -- no more and no less. If you have oily skin, it may be tempting to wash more often but that can actually cause more harm than good. So stick to washing your face in the morning and at night before you go to bed. 
  • Change your diet to avoid oily and fatty foods that could actually be causing you to break out. Not only is it better for your skin, but it’s better for your overall health too.
  • Change your skincare products to avoid harsh ingredients that could be irritating your skin and causing it to break out. Some common ingredients to avoid include parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, fragrance, alcohols, and essential oils. 


As it turns out, high-quality sheets really are the secret to better skin! So investing in a nice pair of sheets is like investing in achieving your dream skin. This is especially true when it comes to silver-infused sheets like those made by Miracle Brand

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