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Did you know?

Overwashing skin will strip away your skin's natural oils, which work to keep our skin nourished and in it's preferred pH balance.


Healthy Skin: 8 Ways To Get Healthier Skin, Other Than Washing Your Face

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We all want healthy skin. Having a glowing, vibrant, and firm complexion is a sure way to look and feel your best.

It seems like skin care may now be more popular than beauty and makeup - looks like this whole self-care thing has finally come full swing.

We've definitely progressed and moved past the days of the infamous blue eye shadow craze and over plucking our eyebrows. We'd bet that just about every magazine you could buy in store right now will have some mention of skincare. Whether it's the latest "juice cleanse" for achieving that praised glow or another new product for "overnight renewal," the popularity of skincare has definitely taken off in the last few years.  

We aren't only focusing on the skin on our faces; we want to talk about the skin that's all over our body too. Our skin is the body's largest organ and is our gateway to the rest of the outside world. Our skin actually puts up with a lot if you think about it; getting smothered in products, scraping the concrete while we learn to rollerblade, getting a little too red when we forget to reapply sunscreen at the beach, you know, everyday stuff like that. This all adds up and can take a real toll on our skin. 

The skin you're in right now is the only skin you've got - we need to take care of it. We should be doing everything we can in order to keep it healthy and happy. 

The Importance of Our Skin

Our skin plays so many important roles in keeping us healthy and helping us through everything we do. 


It's our body's protective layer

Although it seems soft and squishy, our skin is surprisingly strong. Our skin protects us from the outside world by preventing germs, dirt, and microbes from entering the body. Skin is ultimately the guard to our internal organs and tissues, let's help it stay strong!

It regulates our temperature

Skin plays a big role in the temperature regulation of our bodies. We have around 650 sweat glands in every square inch of our skin that help us with this process of staying cool by allowing heat to escape through our pores. Without this release, our insides would simply overheat, thus negatively affecting the functionality of our organs. Let's keep our skin healthy on the outside so it can help us stay healthy on the inside. (If you're convinced you also just "run hot," you may want to look into other ways of staying cool - like temperature regulating bed sheets.)

It allows for sensation 

Touch is one of our five senses and it's made possible by our skin. That same square inch of skin that has 650 sweat glands also has more than one thousand nerve endings. Our skin's sensitivity allows us to experience feelings like texture, pressure, temperature, vibrations, and pain. 

Washing Your Face

We're here to talk about how to get healthy skin other than washing your face. But we should still talk about it for just a second. 

Washing your face helps rinse off oils, dirts, and other things that are floating around in the air that can clog our pores. Washing our face can also help with light exfoliation that will help remove dead skin cells and allow fresh new cells to come to the surface. These new skin cells are what can create that fresh and vibrant look for your skin.

It's definitely possible to over wash your face. It's understandable. With all the tabloids and advertisements that constantly remind us how important it is to have clean skin, it can be easy to fall into the trap of overwashing. Just like anything else in life, everything needs to be done in moderation, including washing our faces. 

Are you overwashing your skin?


Overwashing skin will strip away your skin's natural oils, which work to keep our skin nourished and in it's preferred pH balance.

If your skin is feeling a little too tight or appears flaky, you may be overwashing.


Redness can be due to dryness, but can also be a sign that your skin is stressed because it has lost its protective layer (the natural oils). 

The oils that your skin naturally produces also act as it's protective barrier. By over washing and removing this layer, your skin is more susceptible to all the tiny dirt and debris that floats around in the air. 


A different possible reaction to overwashing is that your skin will go into overdrive trying to produce oil to rebalance itself. And we all know what excess oil can lead to - you guessed it, acne. 

Yes, it is a tricky balancing game to play. Be mindful of your skin and how it looks and feels. Being aware of what's going on will help you play around and find that perfect balance.

There could be an entire book written on do's and dont's and all the other nit-picky details that go into washing your face, but that's not why we're here. We're here to talk about other ways you can achieve and maintain healthy skin.  

8 Ways To Get Healthier Skin, Other Than Washing Your Face

Calm down 

Other than the obvious unpleasantries of stress like the fact that it's exhausting, draining, and just overall taxing on your body, higher stress levels are associated with more skin issues like breakouts and redness. Stress is just plain evil and we want no part of its bad side effects. We know this is easier said than done, but being mindful of your emotions is a good place to start.

Have you heard of Stoicism? Stoicism is a branch of philosophy that encourages us to realize and separate what we can and cannot control and do our best not to stress the latter. Stoics believe that once we acknowledge what can't control, we will be better able to control our emotions accordingly. Again, reducing stress is easier said than done, we know - do your best to be mindful, and accept that that's all you can do.

Be mindful of your sugar intake 

Sugar, specifically added sugars, are a huge culprit for causing acne. Have you ever enjoyed a night of indulging in your favorite dessert and then had breakouts the next day? If you haven't (lucky you), you've probably seen or heard about this happening to a friend or colleague. Other than all the other benefits of limiting sugar intake, it can also help your skin keep a smooth complexion and stay free of pimples.

Up your vitamin intake 

Vitamins A and C (and just about all the other vitamins too) do great things for your skin. Vitamin C is widely acknowledged for helping to create glowy and even-toned skin. This is thanks to the fact that vitamin C encourages collagen synthesis, which helps skin appear full and bouncy. 

Water, water, and more water

Yes, staying hydrated is probably the answer to every question ever. But seriously, drinking lots of water is essential for the health inside your body as well as helping your skin stay naturally hydrated. Drink up!


Moisturizers help prevent your skin from drying out and appearing withered or red. Apply moisturizer promptly after washing your face or taking a shower; this will help your skin retain the most moisture. It also helps to use the right moisturizer for your skin type; if your skin is naturally oily or greasy, look for oil-free moisturizers that won't clog your pores. 

Get your zzZ's

Sleep is when your body makes repairs, like cell rejuvenation. This will help encourage skin cell turnover, resulting in new cells that appear fresh and bouncy. Getting enough sleep will also reduce any dark circles under your eyes. Furthermore, people who are sleep deprived are more likely to crave sugary foods the next day, which, as we know, can prompt breakouts. 

A study by the National Library of Medicine concluded that ongoing sleep deprivation is associated with increased visible signs of skin aging - yikes. We can't tell you how much sleep you should be getting (we bet you already know), but a general rule of thumb is to listen to your body - it knows best, after all. If you're having trouble staying awake throughout the day, ditch the extra coffee and try to get to bed a little bit earlier.

Wash your face after sweating 

Sweating can actually be good for your skin - the problem is not washing off promptly after a workout (both your face and your body). Sweat is great for cleansing your pores by pushing anything out that may be clogging them. Sweating also usually goes hand in hand with a workout, meaning you're getting your heart rate up and getting the blood pumping throughout your body. Increased blood circulation from exercise will give your skin a nice and natural glow. Just be sure to wash your face afterward to keep those pores clean. 

Get towels and sheets that promote healthy skin 

Towels and sheets made with natural silver woven into the fabric will help prevent any bacteria build up that would otherwise be rubbing back onto us, leading to clogged pores, acne, and irritated skin. Bed sheets and towels haven't seen much innovation in years, until now. Sleeping on sheets or drying yourself off with a towel full of hidden bacteria can be a thing of the past. Invest in a good pair of towels and sheets and let them do the work for you. 

We Care About You, and Your Skin

There's more to healthy skin than simply washing your face. Keep these tips and tricks in mind throughout your day and you'll see and feel the difference!

Did you know?

Overwashing skin will strip away your skin's natural oils, which work to keep our skin nourished and in it's preferred pH balance.

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